By muffintop - 11/07/2011 02:34 - Canada

Today, I was standing at airport security. One of the bag inspectors asked me to remove my travel pouch, pointing to the lump under my shirt. I didn't know how to tell him that it was just one of my fat rolls. FML
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at least OP isn't like some people and tuck their rolls into their pants with a huge bulge in the crotch area


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at least OP isn't like some people and tuck their rolls into their pants with a huge bulge in the crotch area

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I agree with #1, either you're wearing clothes that are making it clear you have fat rolls or you're just fat enough that it shows anyways; either way, something needs to change.

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sorry for posting so many my phone fell and posted more than once i didnt do it to be annoying

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Fake being pregnant..? If it makes you feel better then what the hell.

13 - that is known as a "meat hump." Giggity.

Yes, they shouldn't have anything down there so if they do it is meat.

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Not sure why number 1 is being thumbed down. Being nice doesn't help anyone.

Bahahaha! Owned. What did you end up telling him? "Nope.. That's just one of my rolls.." *pulls out a doughnut*

hey!!! u shouldnt say that to someone!!!! I used to be REALLY fat but I couldn't help it!!!!!! ASSHOLE.

apparently you could if you used to be fat

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13- omfg that's gross as he'll I hate that DX

Let the guard get real close to you to inspect it and when the time is right, the fat roll will attack!!

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Uh oh! Hope you don't get charged for extra luggage xD

If anything she would be charged for a 2nd seat

do it! bitch slap him take his taser and use it on him. :)

haha spare tires aren't aloud on plains ;)

eh it's 3am I can say I don't give a ****

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*allowed. I have a sneaky suspicion that the late hour has nothing to do with...

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lol I suck :( I'll admit it and accept all cruel comments ... much deserved :/

36, I can come again but it will cost you $50 due to my "fat chicks need love too, but they gotta pay" policy.

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Haha.......Silly Quagmire :)

Aww come on lets not get personal here :(

THIS WASNT ME COMMENTING!!!!!!! my sister took my phone she is 13 I'm 20 I do indeed know how to spell and I would never be so rude! I apologize for all the rude comments. Again I'm very sorry.

I think this comment would be ok had it not been for the winky face @ the end

okay either the bag inspector is dumb or you're really fat to where your fat rolls look like pouches D: Or maybe he wanted to see you lift your shirt?...

She's FAT. the last thing he wants to see is her take off her shirt lol

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27, some people are into that or don't mind.

I don't know.. Some of those TSA agents are pretty kinky.

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more pushin' for the cushion as I like to say...

I'm sure you mean more cushion for the pushin'.

It got moderated before I could read it :(

shut upp!!!! ur not so skinny either beeotcch!!

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i know stupid bitch you ugly fat ass

Your initials are hose? You must have a long name

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yah it's funny cuz your tryin to b mean by saying ew, when we all can see that your not too skinny either! nice one.

65, was that an attempt to "correct" her spelling of the word awkward? Hahahahaha

Lol I love when people try to show others up by correcting them, but make a bunch of mistakes themselves.

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aw maybe it could give you some motivation!

A good thing is that you can roll when you get tired of walking.