By jennyygrace - United States
Today, I was walking through airport security when a guard began making lewd gestures at his crotch, while looking at me. I was outraged until I realized he was trying to tell me that my fly was down. FML
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By  IDoNotHaveAIDS  |  0

YDI it for being an ignorant asshole. Seriously, what does everybody expect that everything is some sort of sick gesture? I mean, why would an airport security guard do that without having good intentions?

  Finnboghi  |  0


Don't be so full of yourself and you may notice that the world doesn't really care about you. Not everything anyone does symbolizes that they want to do something sexual with you.

  ddlovatolover  |  23

Two girls working in airport security once had a male celebrity walk through the machine that sees you nude, printed the picture and asked him to autograph it. You never know.

(They were charged since the incident, btw.)