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By Anonymous - 28/05/2010 18:07 - United States

Today, while running late to my sister's wedding and rushing to get ready, I accidentally grabbed my travel size shaving cream can in place of my body spray, and quickly drew a blue foaming line across my rental tux. FML
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dbs_fml 0

arent you supposed to spray it on your body, and not on your clothes?

I thought only the bride was supposed to get something blue. Oh well. Now you you just have to find something old, something new, and something borrowed.


KaraShinee 0

your that one person who will cure everyone's boredom at the wedding

At least it was blue... Imagine what they'd think if it were white.

Sean I'd say blue is worse cuz then that means gay sex with Smurfs, not a good sign

Yeah not only are smurfs flamboyant homosexuals, they're communists.

YDI it for owning body spray and not cologne

rohosoccer08 1

body spray smells good on men

that's what he gets for using a cover up instead of real deoderant.

epoh_fml 0

the smell of body sprays and cologne and perfume make me nauseous :(

rohosoccer08 1

hope... but did it do tht to you before you you were pregnant... when I was preggo I couldn't stand the smell of nail salons... I was sad I couldn't get my toes and fingers done

At least it wasn't beaver cum. That happened to my friend and Neil Borts tried to eat him. Luckily he was wearing a condom.

Haha i was thinking the same as 1.. Classic:).

epoh_fml 0

roho--yes, but it's worse now that I'm pregnant. small amounts of body spray are ok, but that's it.

dirtycup66 0

aw that's a cute baby #30 anyways lol op that's very funny

rohosoccer08 1

thanks 47 she's my little miracle

epoh_fml 0

he had a brain hemmorage, Sean.

Yeah, it's so sad. Of course no ones gonna care that he's dead, but Michael Jackson was in the news everyday months after his death. 

Well I don't really care either I'm just saying.

dubstep87 0

and you found the pathetic need to post it on fml? wow this is truely sad.. ur a sad man

dont say **** you to 67 he likes the smithes A freaking awesome British band headed by Morrissey.

smattoliver 0

who uses body spray on their clothes

I posted a comment but it was deleted. Yo moderators- You got a problem with gopher cum? Because your mom has a penis. And it looks like a cactus!

dbs_fml 0

arent you supposed to spray it on your body, and not on your clothes?

WindsweptSky 5

Not always. I'm allergic to body sprays but I can spray it on my cloths with a reaction. I always wear it on my cloths and now a LOT of other people that do.

I have to say, a lot of colognes and such start working from body heat, so if they're further away, wouldn't that mean they wouldn't work as well? I suppose the sprays may be different though, they've always seemed waay strong to me. Of course, most of my memory of sprays come from when fellow 8th graders put it on.

WindsweptSky 5
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haha what a win :p that would suuckkk have fun with that buddy

canitbe 0

ahahah atleast it wasnt white.then you would really have a problem

How is blue foam any better than white? I am dying to know how this worked out for you, OP. That sucks. Was your sister mad?

What color is semen? (Hint: not blue).

illmatic, you need to see a doctor if your semen is foamy.

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fruitaypatootay 1

ahhh the first few lines I was like suck it up but rental tux = aww I'm sorry =

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at least your sister got railed that night

gav52l 4

17 that's frickn hillarious ";-D

If I tell you what it is they'll kill me.

no, seriously...what is it? I even googled it-no real answer.

It restricts the amount of posts you can make in a certain amount of time. It prevents spamming and doesn't let you flood the comments with posts like "haha." If you wait a little bit then try to repost, your comment should go through eventually. But don't bitch about it when it happens; you can get modded or banned for that.

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