By Delicious - 21/03/2016 02:09 - Australia - Saint Kilda

Today, I used fly spray on my muffin tray instead of olive oil. FML
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Couldn't you have checked before using it? YDI

At least you'll be fly free for the rest of the day.


Couldn't you have checked before using it? YDI

Obviously that was possible, although OP doesn't specify that it was an accident it seems very likely.

I don't agree that OP deserved that but...who keeps those two things near each other?? Also hoping OP relied their mistake before they put the muffin batter in lol

The fly spray can must look very similar to the oil bottle other than that I can't think of another reason why OP got them mixed up

You can get olive oil in spray cans and they do look kind of similar to some brands of fly spray so I can easily imagine such a brain fart moment if someone didn't put the fly spray away in the right cupboard.

I hope you didn't eat those muffins.

At least flies won't be on your muffins right..?

Good morning OP

At least you'll be fly free for the rest of the day.

YDI OP. Fly spray and olive oil have two very different smells.

Yes, but by the time you get to smell it, it's too late. Or do you go around sniffing the nozzle of every can to be sure of what it is?

unless you're as high as a kite, there's no reason for you to "accidentally" use bug spray instead of olive oil. Besides, if you just sprayed it, then just wash it.

Have you ever smelled fly spray? There's no way you can miss it. It has a very strong smell. I use fly spray on my horses.

At least you didn't wreck the muffins! You could still wash the tray or use another tray.

guest: These chocolate chips are tasty, where do you buy them? you: What chocolate chips?

I don't think you understand what fly spray is supposed to do... Flies will be the one ingredient least likely to be found in the baked goods.