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Today, I watched with mild confusion as a piece of paper tucked underneath my windshield wiper flapped around on the highway. What could it be? Surely not a parking ticket. Powerless, I watched it fly away. It must have been the insurance information for the person who swiped the back of my car. FML
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Hey all. Just a follow-up as this was my FML. I left my house around 10:00pm and approached my car from the front, so I was not alerted to the damage around the back. The piece of paper was not immediately visible from inside, so it must have been tucked down securely against the hood. When I saw it flapping in the wind on the well-lit highway, I tried my best to slow and exit. Too late :( Nothing I could do. I've had better days.

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Oh that's terrible! Hopefully your insurance can help you out there

So you didn't see anything wrong with your car or the paper located on your windshield until you were on the highway? Way to be observant and aware of your surroundings as a driver!


Oh that's terrible! Hopefully your insurance can help you out there

yeah but now it gets so much more expensive...

And usually your insurance company can help you out, and then screw you over by giving you a nice and sweet premium hike.

So you didn't see anything wrong with your car or the paper located on your windshield until you were on the highway? Way to be observant and aware of your surroundings as a driver!

I was wondering how OP could have missed those two obvious things too, a real mystery.

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do you always look at the back of your car before you get in? I'm guessing he noticed the damage later and then put it all together.

At the very least he didn't notice the paper as he was driving until he got on a highway??

This kind of thing has happened to me before when leaving work in the evening. It's far easier you than you might think not to spot that anything is out of the ordinary when it's dark. Not noticing damage to the back of your car at night when you walk towards the front has nothing to do with not being 'aware of your surroundings as a driver', I love the extra-nice judgemental attitude there. When your car is parked at home do you always do a couple of circuits around it to make sure it's exactly as you left it before you get in? If you didn't immediately notice a scratch running right down the length of the passenger side would that make you a bad driver because you're unaware of your surroundings?

@29 I check my vehicle every time I am parked somewhere other then my home for this very reason. as does every single person I know. Just sayin....

If you read OPs reply you'll see that he was parked at home.

No where does it say that OP was parked at home. Unless you consider the Highway that they were driving on their home. and I was not replying to #43.

37 - let me guess. You've never clicked YDI or I Agree Your Life sucks before? Or thumbed anyone down? Because this site is made for others to judge by the little story given. I like how you just focused on my not noticing the back of the car as being an in attentive driver yet completely forgot the fact that the OP, while in the drivers seat, with the windshield right in front of them, missed a note on their car until they reached the driveway. It being evening is no excuse for not noticing something in your field of vision (which should be the entire length of your windshield, they're clear for a reason). If you hit a person are you going to say "Gee Officer, it was dark and I could not see them!" Are you expecting to be let off with a warning?

55 - I don't know if you're aware but in order for it to be under the hood or "bonnet" one must access the inside of the vehicle to pop it open. Also I'm replying to this thread and what was given here and the initial posting. I'm not going to read each and every reply in other threads in hopes that further explanation is given.

I did read the OPs explanation at the very top. That is and has been what my replies have been about. Not any further explanations that have come about since.

Not really wanting to jump back in here... but if you're gonna refuse to read the comment that people are basing their replies on, then why are you still trying to argue against them? That's just ignorant. Not to mention your arguments will be fundamentally flawed because you wilfully don't have the same information as everyone else.

70 - I ask the same of you. If you realize this why continue to reply? As I've said from the beginning (this is getting repetitive) my replies and initial post are based on the FML itself. If you'd like to argue about the follow-up post why not post there?

72 - its the internet anyone can post, so if you wanna live in your own little world and ignore the follow up just cause it disproves your point, then go ahead but it wont stop people from refering to it here

73 - actually as it states in fmls terms we are not to thread jack and supposed to stick with the topic at hand... The topic was in reference to the fml itself not the follow-up which can be replied to as well... 74 - maybe if getting a top comment actually mattered then you'd have a point there, but alas, it doesn't.

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This is the unluckiest fml I have seen in a while

Was it possible that your could have gone back?

A piece of paper blowing in the wind on the freeway? It's not like OP can jump out and search the freeway. It's gone.

What if it was tucked so far under the wipers that he didn't see it? If one doesn't immediately see something there, you never lift them up to check, just in case.

Id be turning my butt around and doing a thorough search! Lol. If possible...

Unless that was all part of their plan...

I agree, but then that person is not thinking forward.

More likely the note said, "Hi I hit your car and there are people watching me, so I'm writing this to make them think I'm giving my insurance information. Sorry, tough luck."

No idea what you're talking about, I'm sure.

How many others have there been, hmm? HOW MANY?!

It would be entertaining if people left riddles as the note, and you gain the persons information by solving the riddle. The anger and frustration it would bring would be priceless.

I WISH people would leave me that kind of note under my wipers. Instead of just leaving me with a trailer hitch indent in my front bumper...

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That would be awesome #18. Unfortunately, I doubt most people are clever enough for that.

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I doubt anyone routinely checks under their wipers before they drive, but if I saw that my car was hit, I'd be looking for insurance info before driving away.