By NoThanks - 24/08/2009 18:38 - United States

Today, an old lady came to the bank where I worked at to apply for a loan. She obviously didn't qualify for one as she has no income coming in. She looked so pitiful, so I changed a couple of her information so she could. She reported me and I got fired. FML
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It's a good thing you tried to help her though! Didn't you see the movie, "Drag Me To Hell"???? Bad things could happen if you reject little old ladies!

no1askdu 5

You should have punched her in the face.... i mean you already got fired what else do u have to lose..


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OP...i understand you were trying to be nice but from what i've learned is that you never use emotions in these types of things. just follow the system or you'll be screwed somehow

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If you got away with giving her the loan, how is she supposed to pay it off with no income? YDI.

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I would of snagged her leaving the bank and took her home to your basement. And pounded that pussy raw till it bled a little. Make her pay you back in sweat and cum.

i cannot believe a person who works for a bank, in this economy, would be so stupid as to forge documents to allow someone with NO INCOME to qualify for a loan. wanna know why we ended up in this recession? because people couldn't pay their outrageous mortgages. wanna know who gave those people outrageous mortgages? idiot bankers like you who signed them up for loans knowing they couldn't afford them. you totally deserve it.

Exactly. And that's why we have morals and don't falsify information. Hope you learnt your lesson. Try not lying in your next job.

diet_otaku please take economics 101 before you open your mouth. What you just spewed out was utter garbage. Im sure the war on IRAQ had nothing to do with the economy but bankers with hearts are the real bad guys. Are you parents related?

@Geist: "your" Learn grammar before you go insulting people. And so you know bankers may not be the sole reason for the current state of the economy but they sure are contributors. You should never give out a loan to a client that can't afford to pay it back. It's just bad business. The OP deserved whatever she got. Bankers have truly learned nothing from their mistakes.

OP: Didn't you notice that the entire world is in a recession because US banks were giving loans and mortgages to people who couldn't pay? Have you listened to the news in the past year? YDI

Hey Smartie, remember just before the elections? When the bank crisis happened? The bank crisis that caused the housing market crash? That all financial analysts, congressional reports and whatnot, and news stations all agreed happened because of bad loans? Remember that? Nothing to do with Iraq. Abandon your partisan idiocy and pay attention to the facts. OP: YDI for "just trying to be nice" in a manner that hurts the system. It's too bad that you lost your job, and it's too bad that the old lady couldn't get a loan, but fraud is bad for everybody. you found out.

@ theta: typos =/= bad grammar. People only harp on typos and grammar usage when they have no other argument to make. Try to be a little more creative.

@theta - There wasn't anything wrong with that grammar. Geist meant to say your mouth. You're mouth doesn't make any sense.

the majestic banker saves the day... then fails epicly

Ok there are people that are in hard situations that need help sometimes. It was a nice gesture but you could have just told her what she should do or given her your card if she needs help. You should have tried not to cheat the system though. So sadly YDI.

well number 1 maybe she saw the movie "drag me to hell" and got scared xD

I agree completely.

OP, it's bitches like you who are why hundreds of people don't have jobs. hope you like the feeling.

Theta don't complain about people's grammar if you are starting sentences with the word "and".

WTH man? OP was just being a good person.

Why did people vote #1 down? Op should not be fired, he should be criminally prosecuted. Don't you all realize that the bank collapse was 95% due to banks giving put loans to people who obviously couldn't pay them back? So yeah OP, give the old lady some more debt while collapsing our economy further. 110% YDI for financial fraud and irresponsible economic actions.

fml_lover1 0

It's a good thing you tried to help her though! Didn't you see the movie, "Drag Me To Hell"???? Bad things could happen if you reject little old ladies!

lol thats TOTALLY what i was thinking. XD

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ah man she was disgusting. biting her face like that and getting slobber all over the place.

When I read this that movie wa the first thing I thought of

no1askdu 5

You should have punched her in the face.... i mean you already got fired what else do u have to lose..

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Lol I agree!

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#5 he could go to jail for that i agree with #2 because it was a nice thought but it was a bad idea

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The wording on this FML is kinda wonky. Hmm....

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WOW!!! thanks for higher interest rates for honest people. I am disgusted. You might be the whole reason why AIG failed and brought down the whole economy. i despise people like you.

Or the economy could be down because it's supposed to go down. That's how the stock market works. It happened in 1987 and it'll happen again in twenty years. Oh yeah and AIG was the only reason the economy failed, one main reason couldn't have been the fact that people were spending beyond their limits and not could it (End sarcasm).

One of the main reasons was banks giving out loans to everyone to buy houses because homes were going up and everyone expected to pay bank the loans with equity and the money just ran out.

tiger69 0

wow, you're retarded. i hope everyone like you loses their job

moonlight_daze 8

What a snitch.

Shit like this is why are economy is terrible. YDI.

Shit like this is why "are" kids don't care about the proper use of the English language.

Fuck off Troll.