By Anonymous - 16/09/2010 06:04 - United States

Today, it was the first day of astronomy class and we all waited for the professor to enter the classroom. All of a sudden, someone turns the lights off, it's pitch black, and we hear the professor saying, "Greetings earthlings..." It's going to be a long semester. FML
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sounds kinda cool

DesiGir324 0

I don't see why ur complaining. your teacher sounds funny :)


omg your first what a amazing job! so stfu. and astronmy stinks

sounds kinda cool

BananaSticker 0

Are you serious? This doesn't belong here. It belongs on MLIA. :O

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rallets 22

lol i just thought of Yes Man with Munchausen by Proxy i think he should burst into that song, with the laser lights and talkbox haha

missmurderx 8

I would thoroughly enjoy that class. definately not a fail. it's a win.(:

DineshKarthikesu 0

Should have shouted Ur-anus

hghiPigh 0

obviously a fake fml. the op is not smart enough to qualify for astronomy

Tasanasanta 0

48-It's pronounced yur-unus. Legit.

noobgang7 5

That's an MLIA!

HAHAHA, Have a sense of humour >_>

anarchy109 5

I've got a teacher like that he's soooooo weird like I walk into class to "look at my horse my horse is amazing"

Not even, this totes belongs in MLIN

iSitt 0

why is op taking this class with an attitude like that ? is he forced to as a requirement and thought it would be an easy A ? go drop it and take something else to free the seat for someone who wants to be there

Blue_Coconuts 7

I understand why OP might get pissed. You take these classes to learn something, but if your professor just dicks around all year, then you don't learn a thing. A lot of people just want to get easy classes, but some actually wanna learn.

russianspy1234 11

It doesn't belong on MLIA either, A is for average. this belongs on mylifeisgood.

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this isn't a FML

how is this an fml??? that sounds so cool!

DesiGir324 0

I don't see why ur complaining. your teacher sounds funny :)

Sun_Kissed18 25

Funny and awesome. I would be so excited if that happened! Jeez the op is such a killjoy!

Yea, I agree with you guys. That teacher is awesome, I'd love to have him as my teacher.

dude, that's a WIN!

ftw!!! That's so kool

emmasis 0

that is freaking awesome!

That's actually awesome!

Are you really complaining because you have a not-boring teacher?

agreed, reminds me of my highschool bio teacher. btw love the hair

Your professor sounds funny. At least he has a sense of humor.