By royallymessedup - 21/08/2014 16:36

Today, some random bloke introduced himself at a bar by asking to fuck me. I got tongue-tied trying to say both "fuck off" and "please go away". I ended up telling him to "Please fuck away." FML
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That's what he was hoping for.

He was probably a drunk asshole. That sucks OP


He was probably a drunk asshole. That sucks OP

That's similar to when you're typing and someone's talking to you, and you start subconsciously typing what they say.

Yeah, I know what you please take out the trash! :p

I think we need a follow up OP XD

That's what he was hoping for.

orbit 22

Maybe it was what she truly wanted to say

#25 Well based on the FML I would say it's not. But that's just a guess

I'm sure he liked that answer lol #tonguetied

May the fml community show pitty on this poor "hashtagger"

may the FML community show pity on your poor profile pic

A hashtagger AND a sassypants! Get 'im!

there is nothing wrong with being a sassypants... however I have seen the error in my ways and retract my hashtag

Ha. I pity your eyebrows. @3

21, what's wrong with being a sassypants? :(

nitrog100 21

I, for one, find your use of the 'pound' symbol appropriate.

#hashtagger #sassypants

I pity the fool

I think that profile pic is pretty awesome honestly. Now, 16, will you please fuck away??

Sorry 32, I'm sure you're the exception. You aight.

Arguably a more effective response than you were trying to say.

Freudian slip? I think you were just in the mood for an adventure

Don't ride that ride

tony1891 22

oh bullocks!

did he take you up on your offer?

She offered her honor, he honored her offer and all night long it was on-her and off-her.

Oh my. That is gold, 39.

Martinez0285 28

Close enough

aleahlioness 15

Two quite different replies..

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

exactly what i thought. I was wondering why no one had brought it up till I read yours. but ya one reply is polite and the other is...well not so much.

He took 'being straightforward' a tiny bit too serious. What is wrong with people these days...

Women, who gets them? :p

can't tell of bad sex pun. Or who gets em