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Today, a guy kept flirting with me despite all my hints for him to kindly fuck off and die, so I lied and said I'm a lesbian. This didn't stop him. It got so bad, I had to claim I was born with a dick and say that's why I like girls. Only then did he say "Eeewww..." and back off. FML
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Could've been worse; he might have been into that too.

Just list a disgusting fetish or two and pray you never see them again


Wow, some people are so ******* rude. Hey, on the bright side, your FML got published. Sorry you had to go through that OP.

"on the bright side" comments are really getting to me. They have almost become as usual as "break up with him/her" comments. Some times there isn't a bright side, okay?

On the bright side, OP wasn't ACTUALLY born with a penis.

Could've been worse; he might have been into that too.

Perhaps a more aggressive method is required. May I recommend bear spray? Or deer urine if you're worried about lawsuits.

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Someone was hitting on my friend while she was having lunch and wouldn't leave. She ground salt for 1 minute, then threw it on him. He subsequently left.

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Sometimes telling a guy your not interested just leads them into trying harder.

"despite having told him to **** off and die" I think that counts as telling him she's not interested. Some guys are just horrible when it comes to understanding a NO.

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#11, it shows that she was just hinting for him to **** off and die, not that she actually said to do so. I personally wouldn't have hesitated to say such, though.

Do you really think she didn't say "no" or "go away" or "i'm not interested" before she said she's a lesbian and then that she's transsexual? hinting to **** off means something like "no thanks" or "leave me alone". it's totally the guys fault.

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I don't know how you misunderstood that she had clearly already stated that and he would not quit until she went to extremes.

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In #5's defense, lots of girls think they explicitly say something, but they actually don't. My sister says "the laundry's getting full" but what she thinks she said was "do the laundry" and gets all pissed at you when you didn't get her "explicit message". This case, however, seems like she actually did tell the guy to **** off.

#45 she didnt say she was transexual, the thai refference indicates she said she is naturally a female, but was born with a penis. im not sure the actual term for it but it is popularly known as "shemale".

Just list a disgusting fetish or two and pray you never see them again

I can see this easily back-firing though ;)

You shouldn't have to do this. Being that much of a creep calls for a "**** off."

I'm afraid this doesn't work as often as you'd hope.

85! I agree 100%! Crazy is as crazy does. Same goes for desperate creeps and stalker types *shudders*

I'll have to remember that one. Usually "I'm married" works but I have encountered a douche recently who told me that if I was happily married I wouldn't be at a club (for my best friend's 30th birthday) and proceeded to say equally disgusting/stupid things to me for about an hour before calling me stupid for not liking him...

What an arse. Recently, some guy thought he was the shit because he started reading pick up lines off the internet. They started corny and cute, but turned more and more lees as time went on. Eventually I started making jokes about how his dick was he size of my pinky, but I don't think he got the hint.

I've had more than a few men say something along those lines or say my partner doesn't have as great a "package" as he did. Then there were a few who didn't care and just told me to cheat on my partner... I seriously hate creeps.

Makes me think of a guy that wouldn't leave me alone until he got my number, so I caved in and gave a fake one. Unfortunately, sometimes 'no' just isn't enough for some situations..

Try giving out a rejection hotline #. 1 212-479-7990 is one of them.

Can't stand pigs like that! Ugh. Fake number sometimes works but won't always make them go away. If they're really getting creepy, tell them to **** off or you're getting security.

Seriously though. Seems like the more you say NO, the harder they try. Some men are impossible.

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That can be dangerous tho. There have been many cases of assault that happen because creepers called/texted the number and their manpride was insulted when the lady's phone didn't ring....

In a post about the issue of women having to say they're in a relationship to get some men to back off I actually seen a corny saying "we have to know if they are in a relationship because then we know to back off. If they say no that just means you have to try harder". Despite it being a while ago, it'd made me so angry I still haven't forgotten it.

hmm you must be smoking hot! can I have you're phone number?

Gemini, Gemini, you're the girl for me, You don't know me, but you make me so happy 867-5309, EVERYONE SING ALONG!

@60: It is, but I saw the username "DoomedGemini" for the comment of the 867-5309 and decided to run with it

Aha. I accept my downvotes then. I don't usually look at usernames. :x