By Anonymous - 21/08/2014 17:39 - Canada - Barrie

Today, on my first day at as a photo editor at a print store, I had to spend over an hour editing a full shoot of a fat man eating a baguette in a bathtub, closeups included. FML
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euphoricness 28

Admit it OP, it was the hottest thing you've ever seen.


orbit 22

So the crumbs from his baguette don't fall onto the ground, duh

You don't eat in your bathtub? What are you like a normal person or something?

Better than a shower! Fill the tub with bubbles and that just screams "good time!".

omgitsmoe 26

Who would ******* eat in the shower ? Like how ?

badluckalex 23

its also an fml for the photographer

cryssycakesx3 22

they same way you would eat a baguette anywhere else, 49.

orbit 22

Well 51, usually photographers choose their models and setting. So he might have been into that sort of thing

uhhh_khakis 2
euphoricness 28

Admit it OP, it was the hottest thing you've ever seen.

Yeah, I mean have you ever seen the the picture of President Taft in a tub? That's a glorious picture was in a kid's book called "So You Want To Be President". I think it should cranes lowering him into an enormous tub.

Admit it euphoricness, you were the fat man.

that's awful... who eats baguettes in a bathtub?

Um excuse you, anybody who is anybody eats their baguette bread in the bathtub

#15 Btw baguette is french so the world is french too, it means stick...

emily4040 18

Who doesn't eat baguettes in the bathtub?

Don't worry. Soon that'll be a bread and butter job for you

Please tell me his other baguette wasn't also visible...

badluckalex 23

op never said it was. then again, he never said it wasnt ;)

cryssycakesx3 22

thanks for clearing that up, 50.

you should have played with Photoshop and put a robe on him or added a pig with Apple in mouth etc....

SarahSehhati 40

Or turned him into a skinny woman lol

tony1891 22

i just pictured that in my mind. i feel sorry for you op

Martinez0285 28

Could this be the new Hasselhoff clip?

Have you ever gone to a gag store like "Spencer's"? They have a card aisle with pictures just like what the OP took. Probably some Birthday card saying, "Heard you were feeling crummy".