By Anonymous - 21/08/2014 17:39 - Canada - Barrie

Today, on my first day at as a photo editor at a print store, I had to spend over an hour editing a full shoot of a fat man eating a baguette in a bathtub, closeups included. FML
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Admit it OP, it was the hottest thing you've ever seen.

Out of everything... Why in a bathtub?


Out of everything... Why in a bathtub?

So the crumbs from his baguette don't fall onto the ground, duh

You don't eat in your bathtub? What are you like a normal person or something?

Better than a shower! Fill the tub with bubbles and that just screams "good time!".

Who would fucking eat in the shower ? Like how ?

its also an fml for the photographer

they same way you would eat a baguette anywhere else, 49.

Well 51, usually photographers choose their models and setting. So he might have been into that sort of thing

Yeah be classy #1

Admit it OP, it was the hottest thing you've ever seen.

Yeah, I mean have you ever seen the the picture of President Taft in a tub? That's a glorious picture was in a kid's book called "So You Want To Be President". I think it should cranes lowering him into an enormous tub.

Admit it euphoricness, you were the fat man.

that's awful... who eats baguettes in a bathtub?

What's a baguette?

its a long loaf of bread

Um excuse you, anybody who is anybody eats their baguette bread in the bathtub

#15 Btw baguette is french so the world is french too, it means stick...

Who doesn't eat baguettes in the bathtub?

The rest of the world.

Don't worry. Soon that'll be a bread and butter job for you

Please tell me his other baguette wasn't also visible...

op never said it was. then again, he never said it wasnt ;)

thanks for clearing that up, 50.

you should have played with Photoshop and put a robe on him or added a pig with Apple in mouth etc....

Or turned him into a skinny woman lol

i just pictured that in my mind. i feel sorry for you op

Mads_1234 28

But did you see his other baguette? Edit: damn, 6 beat me to it

maybe next time...just maybe...

Could this be the new Hasselhoff clip?

Who pays for that kind of stuff xD

Have you ever gone to a gag store like "Spencer's"? They have a card aisle with pictures just like what the OP took. Probably some Birthday card saying, "Heard you were feeling crummy".

Or "Having a whale of a time."