By Anonymous - Australia
Today, scarcely having time to look at myself, I quickly got dressed and went to work. Only when I got there and saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror did I notice that the colour and detail of my black lacy bra could easily be seen. I work for a construction company. Full of men. FML
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22 - Wow, aren't you a bit childish and rude. Someone's just mad because their Xbox 360 got the RROD, or got owned on Halo, so they went on FML to troll to make themselves feel better.

Did I get one or more of those right, 22?

  payton3233  |  0

it doesn't matter if your bigger or skinny. everybody is beautiful on the inside. And I realise that is cheesy but it's true. don't hate on bigger people. it's rude and obnoxious. obviously whoever needs to put others down has lowself esteem.


Whether the commentator is fat or not isn't the issue.

The issue is that caseislol is enough of an asshole to point it out.
Get a damn life. Obviously you do not have one if you're resorting to insulting people on FML.


caseislol- i find it funny that you think any of us care what you say. So how bout you post a picture of your self so we can all laugh because you probably look like a nerd and a fat one if that. So GO GET A LIFE! have a nice day :)

  derpherp  |  0

Nah, he/she probably looks like dogshit :P With a screw missing from it's empty skull. All the wires are probably bitten and chewed. And probably spends it's time acting like Master Chief the fag, trying to beat imaginary Marios and trolling on how the Xbox is 'better' than the PS3 and jacking off to anime, oh should I mention "luling?"


Notice how the ignorant trolls don't have their faces on their profile picture ? it's so fucking stupid and frivolous how you feel the need to point something out . Shut the fuck up , stop trolling and get off of this site . No one is perfect . Like you "Cassie". fix your grammar you used douchebag . Maybe If you stopped playing so many games you can actually take the time to write something that is understandable . Ugly hoe . And to #2 , you are really beautiful , and as long as you know it , no one can tell you otherwise . :)

  F14Shado  |  0

oh har har. none of us could figure that out beforehand. thank you for pointing that out, genius. OBVIOUSLY she knew that, which is why this ended up on here.

  Nakolover13  |  0

She doesnt have to. Generally if your one female surrounded by a bunch of males and your even remotely attractive with her lacy bra situation ...chances are your gonna get looks.


She shouldn't have needed to look at herself in a mirror to know that her wardrobe choice wasn't a good idea.
You NEVER wear anything but flesh color or white underneath a white shirt.

Unless she wants looks...then by all means go right on ahead.
I highly doubt she wanted to be checked out though, if she posted in on FML

OP, YDI for being careless about your wardrobe choice.