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Today, I bought weed for the first time. The dealer was an undercover cop. FML
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honeybadger123 tells us more.


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I have a feeling he didn't get to smoke it. XD

Whoosh!!!!! that's the sound of the joke going over your head

Why would you pick up from someone you don't know anyway? That's just stupid.

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That's when you blame aliens for abducting your body. Then MAYBE they'll reduce your fine/sentencing due to the stage of your mental health...

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Why can police do that? Impersonate a drug dealer, then bust someone for buying them. It's bullshit! Breaking their own laws. If someone buys 20$ worth, is it really worth all the time and paperwork to give them a citation, drug classes and maybe some probation?

The government is just jealous that people aren't buying it off of them.

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49- Ya, if they would just make it legal and tax it like alcohol they might make back some money

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85-There's a difference between potheads and recreational smokers. Just like alcoholics and the occasional beer with friends. The last part of your sentence barely made sense and your picture is the album art of a band that participates in heavy drug use.

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47- it is smart people like you, I and few others that think the weed laws are bullshit. It's a money grab. They make so much money off of weed citations itis ridiculous. Yes they could tax it, but the infrastructure and upfront cost would be too high. The government and most people don't like thinking about the long run. Oh well I'll just keep smoking it illegally since most cops don't give a shit about this harmless little leaf.

When you start, start buying from people you know. Actually, NEVER buy from strangers. You risk buying from a cop or getting hurt. I've never bought from a stranger, and never will.

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Honeybadger123 doesn't care...he's so nasty, he don't give a shit!

Did he offer it first, because if he did thats entrapment. and no, #47, its not worth it. the War on Drugs costs taxpayers lots, which ironically could be made back by taxing legalised weed.

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If people on FML were in parliament. I think we could actually do something for the world. I do not smoke marijuana myself, but if we legalize it, crime rates would go down and we would make money from taxation.

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139 & 141: Then they could focus more (not that they don't already) on the higer tier drugs like Meth and Heroine. Marijuana is directly from the Earth made by God and if our country is under God I don't see what the big deal is. Although I guess that arguement works for anything.

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173 im pretty sure there is some human interaction between the ground and the seller. I mean really. Who smokes stress?

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This is why you only buy from people you know.

Ignore all the self-righteous douchebags criticizing you, they're wilfully ignorant about an important topic. Sure, drugs cause harm- they also cause a lot of awesomeness in many light-hearted and indeed long term and very important ways. Just remember to be really careful not to get caught again- don't give up smoking!

a poor argument im afraid... 'natural' plants include weed, yes, and also a bunch of other stuff that will kill you quickly and painfully. If it's God's work, then im afraid he didnt build it all for our DIRECT consumption, at least. Your point, though, that weed (NEVER killed anyone) is a low-harm drug, unlike most others (WHEN abused or mis-used!)

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The true question is, was it worth it?i think so

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Too bad weed is a tier. 1 drug. Which means in the eyes of the government it's one of the deadliest drugs out there. So sorry to say but op is probably SOL.

It's actually proven weed does more damage to the brain/nervous system than cocaine,heroine, etc. Take that from someone who's uncle is a doctor. There has also been more deaths caused by weed rather than other drugs.

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197- I'm pretty sure if it were medicinal that he wouldn't be buying it off the streets

Actually, if weed was legal the amount of people who smoked would decrease. Many people smoke it to be cool. So if it's legal it would take away from the element of "coolness".

173 - poison ivy is also from the earth and made by God, id like to see you smoke that.

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269- minors that smoke cigarettes that's illegal, but cigarettes are legal. Marijuana would be more popular I think because of the THC and the effect it gives you.

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That's definitely a lie. There are no long term affects of marijuana other than the affect smoke from rolling papers would have on your lungs. The lost of short term memory is caused by the smokers skewed perspective while under the influence. In order to overdose on weed, one would have to smoke over 20 grams in a short period of time. It can be addictive, just like alcohol, but it's less dangerous than both alcohol and tobacco. That being said, blazee it man :)

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262, so weed has caused more deaths than tobacco and alcohol? Not sticking up for weed, but I'm pretty sure some of your statistics are backwards.

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279 you can not overdose on weed. It can't kill you. The only way it can kill you if a ton were dropped on you, or if you're a dumbass and don't know how to control your high and jump off a bridge or something high up

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278- That's not the point. I'm saying that if a plant has naturally grown on this planet, why shouldn't I have the right to use it?

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The statistics are proof positive!

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Your comments induce me with a type of psychotic rage, closely reflecting my picture.

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Those are a felony, I think the OP's good on those

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Doesn't mean it's a good decision.

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No matter how legal Cali says it is, the Feds can still bust you.

buying weed is not a good decision? is he going to get cancer from it or go out and hurt someone, tell us more of your reasoning.

If you smoke weed two of the many things it will do to you is decrease your coordination, and impair your sense of timing. So, if you were to get in a car and drive under the influence of marijuana, you could hit a pedestrian, hit another car, or even go off the road. That's how you could hurt someone with it.

134 - last time I checked, that also happens when you get in a car and drive under the influence of alcohol. Is alcohol legal? Just because weed makes you unable to drive well, that doesn't mean it's bad; it just means you shouldn't drive right after smoking it.

Alcohol is bad too, just because something is legal, dosent mean it's good.

hehehe, im part Indian, and i can prove it too, and i can go to an Indian reservation, and smoke some weed, and the government cant do SQUAT!

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Alcohol death toll: millions Weed death toll: 0

One joint has 5 times the tar of a cigarette But You only smoke one joint a day even if you're a pot head, but heavy smokers smoke 2 packs a day

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all the people that say weed is bad for you had never tried it, they are all brainwashed as kids into thinking it's bad, really there are no tests that prove it does any harm

Says the loser virgin who does bible studies for fun.

Really 189? Your from India? No? Then you're aboriginal, not Indian. -.-; I have friends from India who find Aboriginals calling themselves Indian offensive, so please refrain from calling yourself something you're not. On the otherhand, weed is bad m'kay? Sure it has medical uses, but that doesn't mean it's harmless.

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WOAH!!! I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!! :D but I'm team Ian

OHMYGOD! I LOOOVE YOUR PICTURE!!! :D I'm on team Ian though!

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Too bad weed doesn't contain the correct chemicals to be considered carcinogenic…so try again :)

why dint u buy a cake? Oh wait, cake is a lie!

Please, for the love of god, stop reviving that shit. Just let it die.

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Nerds don't know how to drop it

Is this from like another FML or something...?

dude there's a time and a place for portal jokes. this is neither.

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Like #8 said, what kind of moron buys drugs from a dealer they don't know. You deserved it.

Everyone knows you freeload off friends.

You mean what kind of moron buys drugs.

I know I prefer all of my drugs to be given to me by strangers. Buying drugs is just silly.

I didn't realize how many tight asses were on fml

I prefer free drugs also, but don't look for a van that says rape on it they only have candy .