By Me - 27/09/2015 09:53 - Australia

Today, I tried taking a shortcut through a nature trail, hoping to save myself some time getting back to my car. I ended up getting lost for nearly 3 hours and getting to work nearly 2 hours late. FML
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Try exploring "shortcuts" when you're not pressed for time. YDI.

Don't most people have smartphones nowadays? They're great GPS's.


Try exploring "shortcuts" when you're not pressed for time. YDI.

Happy trails, OP.

But op was one hour in fron t of schedule.

I see my self doing that.

You might want to consider number 1's advice then, before this happens to you too.

In a nature trail? no no no señor no gps

GPS can tell me what room I'm in at my house, it can't tell you "turn left at the rock" but it can tell you where you are on a map.. What idiots are down voting this?

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How far away from your parked car do you live that you have the option of taking some nature trail to get there?

go back and read the fml again. you sound stupid.

How do I sound stupid? He knew he had work, and he tried taking a shortcut. Given that he didn't know if it would work or not, the possibility existed he would get lost.

He was hiking, not at his house.

I never said he was at his house

ThatOneChick856 36

16- I suppose it would be possible for OP to be hiking, but it just didn't make sense to me that he'd be out still hiking up until roughly an hour before his shift at work

Sorry everyone, I made comments 15 and 17 because on the mobile app it seemed as if those replies were directed at me.

You're lucky you didn't get fired.

He's lucky he didn't get eaten by something on the way, since it all happened in Australia.

Don't most people have smartphones nowadays? They're great GPS's.

Perhaps OP had no signal? You never know, most wireless company's have pretty spotty coverage in some areas.

He got lost trying to find his car u can't use gps for a car

you can if you know what street the car was parked on, but if you're using something like Google maps and the trails not on it, you're screwed

Yes but surely he knew where he had parked his car, therefore assuming that OP 1. has a smart phone and 2. had a usable GPS signal and phone signal then he could have used this to navigate to where he left his car.

You can certainly use a GPS for finding your car. You use a program like location log to mark down the latitude and longitude of where you are parked, where your deer stand is, etc. I have used that method for marking the location of our vehicle when partying, checking out street fairs, and other events. Modern civilian GPS is accurate within feet, if not inches. Certainly accurate enough for finding a vehicle if you arent blind. #21: what you are referring to is aGPS which uses cell towers for triangulation. "traditional" GPS uses satellites which are up in orbit. Depending on your receiver, you dont even need a clear view on sky for it to work. Some of you need to look into how people traveled before cities had nicely marked roads. Maybe try camping once or twice.

Did you see Tom Gordon on your way?

For those of you that don't know, this is a literary reference to a Stephen King novel

also, did you *Hear* Tom Gordon?

wrong turn

just take your regular way next time

Me too, I get lost at the doctors office. "The exit is that way ma'am". Next time you will think twice about supposed 'shortcuts'.