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Whoever you are OP, take pride in the fact that you have more fun than the people in your office! Now go forward and continue being awesome! :D


Along with being festive, hopefully, there was a prize for best costume. That's what my work would do. My friend just one a grand for best costume at her work.

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It's not interesting dressing up as something you see everyday. For example you don't see a slutty cat everyday that's the MAIN reason girls dress up as slutty cats.


You'd think if it's a Halloween party specifying it wouldn't be necessary; it kinda goes without saying, in my experience. I mean, that's more or less the point of Halloween to most people (unless you're a kid; then it's all about the trick or treatin'). Any other time of the year, I imagine it'd be important to mention if it's a masquerade or not. But not Halloween. OP your coworkers are just the Halloween equivalent of bah-humbugs! (Boo-humbugs?)

It's okay OP, at my school we have a spirit week and everyone usually dresses up. The only day I participated was the white-out where I was supposed to where all white... No one else did and as a lower classman, I got water balloons thrown at me. ;-_-

Apparently someone didn't get the office memo. But hey, since you're the only that dressed up, you could have been the center of the party.

I think the rest of the FML would've gone something like this. "..to add salt go the wound. A surpise costume contest was announced. I didn't even place."

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