By PieterseMJ - 02/11/2012 12:17 - South Africa - Sandton

Today, my company had a Halloween party. I was so excited seeing as our company never does anything, so I pulled out all the stops with my costume. I was the only one who got dressed up. FML
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gaijinman 6

No shame in being festive!

Why is this in the Intimacy category?


gaijinman 6

No shame in being festive!

Never, that's why I'm dressing up as Santa Claus from now until April.

Whoever you are OP, take pride in the fact that you have more fun than the people in your office! Now go forward and continue being awesome! :D

Sorry 1, accidentally thumbed down. *facepalm*

gaijinman 6

58 - it's all good

Along with being festive, hopefully, there was a prize for best costume. That's what my work would do. My friend just one a grand for best costume at her work.

Some might mistake you as a real ghost.

MagicGiraffe 12

Never said anything about a ghost, for all we now they could have been a Llama.

simron_15 3

Well OP is in Africa, maybe a more native Giraffe.

MagicGiraffe 12

It's not interesting dressing up as something you see everyday. For example you don't see a slutty cat everyday that's the MAIN reason girls dress up as slutty cats.

AllThingsBright_ 11

50- south Africa is actually pretty industrialized with a bustling city and- get this, white people!

Why is this in the Intimacy category?

Hmmm makes me wonder what she was wearing...

Hi Didi... I don't want to go all Grammar Gestapo, but, 'having catching this'? o.O

You're welcome, Didi

16- he's French, cut him some slack.

12- I see what you did there.

What the heck? Isn't it in the work category?

kbtoyz69 9

aww No thumb upping the FML team comments. sad face

Why have I been censored for a perfectly legitimate comment? (genuine question, not being facetious)

Darkmagic666 9

48, it was switched to the right one

fernclogger 5

Hey you were just trying to take advantage of an opportunity their loss for not dressing up.

Don't they usually specify if it's a costume party?

You'd think if it's a Halloween party specifying it wouldn't be necessary; it kinda goes without saying, in my experience. I mean, that's more or less the point of Halloween to most people (unless you're a kid; then it's all about the trick or treatin'). Any other time of the year, I imagine it'd be important to mention if it's a masquerade or not. But not Halloween. OP your coworkers are just the Halloween equivalent of bah-humbugs! (Boo-humbugs?)

Driblets 8

It's okay OP, at my school we have a spirit week and everyone usually dresses up. The only day I participated was the white-out where I was supposed to where all white... No one else did and as a lower classman, I got water balloons thrown at me. ;-_-

Apparently someone didn't get the office memo. But hey, since you're the only that dressed up, you could have been the center of the party.

KingCeltic77 18

Don't be ashamed, be the trend setter!

Did you dress up as a prize horse's ass?

I think the rest of the FML would've gone something like this. " add salt go the wound. A surpise costume contest was announced. I didn't even place."