By DirtyCharmed - 01/11/2011 06:29 - United States

Today, I'm very ill. My throat and glands are so swollen that whenever I fall asleep, I relax too much and cut off my own air. The doctor said it's a viral infection and there's nothing they can give me, so I can choose between trying to kill myself by sleeping or staying awake for the next few days. FML
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I feel you should've consulted another doctor for a different opinion. Still, FYL.

Just go to sleep, the second your throat closes, you will automatically wake up. And if this were truly life or death, you'd be in a hospital, lol.


And that's what happens when you give head to complete strangers!

Check ThinkGeeks "Caffeine Section". I recommend the Bawls and BlackBlack gum for staying up for several days :P

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Redbull & Monster together make for a funky ass high ;)

if by "funky ass high" you mean shakes, cold sweats, and being completely miserable for a substantial amount of time then yes, very funky. accidently tried that cocktail once. never again.

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Well it's different for everyone I guess, I like it, i work graves at an extremely physically demading job and this cocktail is what gets though the week for days on end. Better than alternative.

No you drink a bottle of Nyquil. Now that's a good high.

Well if its about staying wake in order to not die, I'd suggest crystal meth.

I think your best choice would be sleep. That's clearly your best option.

I feel you should've consulted another doctor for a different opinion. Still, FYL.

I don't know about you but I'd choose the second option.

I don't know about you but I'd choose the second option.

mhmm. I would rather die than not be able to breath!

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that's like the movie 'nightmare on elm street.'

Except that it's not. Kids got killed in the movie for falling asleep, while here the OP would be killing themselves.

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#28: either way, you have the option of going to sleep and dying or staying awake and being tired. :X

# 34, you are correct, as is # 8. It has been a long time since I have seen the movies, but I see now how the situations could be similar. My apologies.

8 I like those movies, even though they scare the hell out of me!! I get scared rather easily

So I'm guessing Starbucks is gonna have a new regular. Well, cheer up, at least you can get your way with things now; demand your way or threaten to commit suicide by sleeping. You can get that huge Nerf gun you know you've always wanted. At any rate, FYL );

I was going to thumb you up, but then you joked about suicide. Some things just don't make good jokes....

Scary Stuffs. Why not have someone watch over you while you sleep just in case when it looks like your close to dying they'd be able to wake you up?

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Until the other person on "watch duty" falls asleep. :-/

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That awkward moment when all your friends fall asleep and you're writing this FML from heaven.

Or Hell. We don't know what kind or person OP really is........

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Don't think of it as a curse, think of it as a superpower! You could be Super awake man and spend those days making a backstory! Your nemesis, the sandman.