By DirtyCharmed / Tuesday 1 November 2011 06:29 / United States
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  faith94m  |  5

if by "funky ass high" you mean shakes, cold sweats, and being completely miserable for a substantial amount of time then yes, very funky. accidently tried that cocktail once. never again.

  EnEl_Infierno  |  15

Well it's different for everyone I guess, I like it, i work graves at an extremely physically demading job and this cocktail is what gets though the week for days on end. Better than alternative.

  Savra_fml  |  17

# 34, you are correct, as is # 8. It has been a long time since I have seen the movies, but I see now how the situations could be similar. My apologies.

By  ChaeRi  |  3

So I'm guessing Starbucks is gonna have a new regular.
Well, cheer up, at least you can get your way with things now; demand your way or threaten to commit suicide by sleeping. You can get that huge Nerf gun you know you've always wanted.
At any rate, FYL );

By  Accept  |  11

Scary Stuffs.
Why not have someone watch over you while you sleep
just in case when it looks like your close to dying they'd be able to wake you up?

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