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Today, one of my most problematic students remained after class, whence he strongly insinuated his interest in receiving oral sex; I tried to convey just how inappropriate that was, when he interrupted, "Look, will you at least touch it?" FML
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One free ticket to the principals office!

It is times like these that you wish teachers were able to hit their students.


One free ticket to the principals office!

That kid watched to much porn.

This is when the cane would come in useful.

And now he's gonna know all what he saw in porn movies is not true.. Poor kid. How mean teacher you are

#17 He can supply the cane...

#17 I'm not sure that using a cane would dissuade this kid from acting out his fantasy.

@1 And to therapy.

Interrupting the teacher, that's a paddlin'.

Two words: Naughty America

With the rise in the amount of inappropriate student teacher relationships, the best thing she could do was give a detailed report to her principal of the incident. I'm not saying all kids, but a lot of kids these days have no sense of consequence. He could very easily try to turn the situation around since he didn't get what he wanted. Keeping something like that to yourself could have very serious repercussions. I'd request the student be transferred from my class if at all possible, and make a point to steer clear of him in the future.

More like a free ticket to suspension

#73 that's not the only thing rising

#73 I completely agree that she has to explain what happened to the principle and write an incident report! If she doesn't he may come up with a story that she tried to hit on him or there was some sort of sexual violation because he is upset he got turned down. Op be sure to at least tell the principle what happened right away before he can come up with his story!

#66, and PornHub.

#107 no one cares about what your favourite website is

Aha! So chivalry and romance are not dead

Nobody, nobody, nobody does it better!

This is when the cane needs to straighten the cane.

lmao well did u

Yes and then she posted a video of it on youjizz

That was a very good video

#31 which one? when I search 'teacher and student' there's like 8,503 results

I searched for the "FML milf with horny problem teen"

i wondered the same thing

No, it wasn't awkward AT ALL. *Sarcasm is used here*

So it's gotten to the point that we have to literally spell out that we are being sarcastic? Unfortunately, my friend, you might be right.

Yes, 52. Sarcasm doesn't convey well with text. Never has. Adding a simple "/sarcasm" to the end of a post is refreshing, I think.

No 46 was loud and clear about the sarcasm, even without spelling it out.

Considering how bad you seem to be at using sarcasm, I can see why you need to spell it out so strongly #46.

It is times like these that you wish teachers were able to hit their students.

*hit on, I'm sure you meant to say.

No, they mean as in hitting them with the cane or something similar to discipline them. However this kid might be looking for that, too.

arandomusernameaa 20

#47 ... There is something called sarcasm/ making a joke... lighten up.

I'm pretty sure they know.. And implemented their own joke..

Giving kids a paddlin' is still allowed in some schools, just not most of them.

Not sure why this was downvoted. It is true. There are still counties in North Carolina (and elsewhere, I'm sure) where corporal punishment is legal.

I thought you were gonna say "In time like these, you need mintees" xD

in my country its lega

No, don't hit him! He might like it

You can't blame a guy for trying. You know, unless it's creepy and inappropriate like that time. Please tell me you sent him to the principal's office or something. That's sexual harassment on his part and not at all okay. It's especially inappropriate since he's your student.

How are you going to say can't blame a guy for trying, then blame him for trying?

I sense irony...

#13, did you not read that all the way through? I was being sarcastic in the opening sentence. I do that a lot.

Yea sarcasm unless done properly isn't very well read in text form. :)

6.... um what? you fail

I got the blatant sarcasm. Your reply is actually one of my favorites.

Well someone is desperate

Not necessarily. OP could be a smoking hot teacher and the student simply doesn't have the requisite tact to pose his question. I know that I've had some teachers that could fog my glasses just thinking about them.

#56 there's a "tactful" way for a student to ask a teacher for sex?

How would that be

Wait until they graduate and are of legal age?

Wow! That is so inappropriate. He needs a lesson in boundaries.

arandomusernameaa 20

I thought that was geography...

You consider yourself a milf so I guess you can't expect much else! Lol

Just because she might be a "MILF". Does not mean she does not deserve some respect. Specially being that is a teacher.

Somebody is on quite a dry spell it seems. You should of laughed in face.

Must...resist...nazism...okay, but really? Should of? Come on.

What's bothering me is "laughed in face."

The whole sentence bothers me. 'You should of laughed in face.' That was even painful to type.

He's probably not a native English speaker. You should of give break.