By kittykat798 - United Kingdom - Dundee
Today, I went to a restaurant for a friend's birthday. There were two very attractive waiters. They waited until I went to the toilet to sit down, talk to my friends and hit on them. They promptly left upon my return. Men avoid me. FML
kittykat798 tells us more :
It definitely wasn't their breaks! It was weird because they didn't even ask for my friends numbers or anything, just chatted with them. There was enough room at the table for them to have done that with me there, so it wasn't that. It was almost like I was too intimidating or something! I found it quite funny in a tragic kind of way and that's probably because of the terrible relationship I've just come out of. I really didn't expect so many nice comments, you guys are the best!
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  GEBEH  |  14

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  Warden1986  |  16

#37, perhaps it's to show that there is still good people in this world. Even if the OP doesn't read the comments, at least she is giving the effort to be a positive person.

  borias  |  6

You only need to look at the post itself to see that she was only into them for superficial reasons. It's only fair that they presumably rejected her for similar superficial reasons.

  borias  |  6

OP was only drawn to them because they were attractive. "OMG, they are so superficial for liking your hot friends more. You're above them."

By  91hayek  |  31

Wait. So women are upset when we don't hit on them, but are upset and feel violated when we do? I'm probably really backward on this but is there a right way to 'hit on' women? Or should I be more attractive? Some men didn't lech on OP, how is this a FML?

  AnOriginalName  |  19

Firstly, your pic matches perfectly with your comment.

And secondly, women are an enigma. There's no logic or reason to them, and your head will explode if you try. The best thing to do is try and figure out some of the more general signs that they're into you, and go from there. Because women won't approach you first, even if they have a massive crush on you.

Women are weird. But they have boobies, so that's why we like then.