By birthdaygirl - 16/04/2014 17:24 - United States - San Francisco

Today, it's my birthday. The only people who wished me a happy birthday were the ones who saw the "birthday boy" poster my sister plastered around school, which included a photo of me as a kid dressed up as a girl. FML
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Wow your sister is evil.

Happy Birthday !


Wow your sister is evil.

More like your sister cares and has a sense of humor?

No, I'd say evil also.

How is completely embarrassing your brother being caring?

wow. she's quite the evil woman. slash her tires.

Happy birthday mate, just keep in mind karma is a bitch so just be patient ^__^

yea, karma is a bitch...just like your sister

Negative attention is still attention! And it sounds like your sister did put a lot of work in, caring or pranking, now you're more popular! Next up: revenge.

Karma is too slow .... Start plotting your revenge, when her birthday comes up go for the jugular

Is your sister going to try to convince you that you should become a girl like that other FML on here?...

Happy Birthday !

I respect your willingness to try and cheer him up, but I'm fairly certain his day has been ruined already.

Your FML community is here for you. See? You got published for your birthday! Hooray!

Yesterday was my birthday too! Happy Birthday OP!

That's ironic.

Nothing about this FML is ironic, I think you should introduce your self to a dictionary, that way you won't just blurt out random words that have nothing to do with the situation.

I think she's saying it's ironic because in the picture he's dressed up as a girl, but it says "birthday boy."

That's still not ironic

You should take my advice also..

Well Atleast some people said it right?

True, but I can't imagine they were all sincere about it though.

Trying to look on the positive side.. If there is one that is ..

Well, happy birthday?

More like sad birthday

Well happy birthday OP. I hope it gets better when you get home.

Atleast it weren't a picture of you doing something embaressing where you were older. Aslong as you were a kid it can be excused mostly ^^

Some birthday wishes are better than none. That being said, happy birthday without having seen you in drag!

Happy birthday. Nothing wrong with wearing a dress!

At least they did. But anyway, happy birthday!