By JobHunter - Malta
Today, on my way to work I stopped at a winery and spent around $120 on 2 bottles of wine for my boss, since it was his birthday. When I gave him the gift, in exchange he let me know I am being laid off - his consolation was "if you can afford this wine I'm sure you'll be OK". FML
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  ADOG2645  |  17

Op, it may have not been your boss's fault. It could have came from higher up in the company, and he was the one who got stuck having to tell you.

  americayay  |  0

"dump you or leave you in any way?" i think it would've been a bit different if it had been a girlfriend. as it was, though, it was really pretty inappropriate to give your boss such an expensive gift in the first place. why would you spend so much on a boss?

  snavula  |  0

Exactly my thoughts. He's no longer your boss so you have no obligation. And if he was even your friend he wouldn't have done it like that or at all probably.

By  mobius8  |  0

Ouch. I recently had a piece of jewelery specially made with beads made out of the mother and babies birth stones, and a photo engraved pendant of them together for a client of mine who had hired me for a lot of work and who'd just had a baby. I gave it to her the next time we met to discuss work, and she said couldn't afford to pay me anymore after I'd set aside a month with no other work to do her project. At least she had the decency to look embarrassed though. I think it's best just not to buy anyone who's paying you a gift.