By martinaaah - 24/09/2012 19:35 - United States - Bellingham

Today, I was taking a pizza order at work, and had to ask the customer's name. I couldn't quite hear what he said, so rather than asking him to repeat himself, I asked how it was spelled. He gave me a funny look and said, "Um, A.J.?" FML
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martinaaah tells us more.

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Nope, sorry. This is the OP, this happened at The C Shop in Birch Bay, Washington

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That's alright. Sometimes you're so used to doing something you kinda space out and go into autopilot. Not a big deal. I'm sure A.J will forgive you.


lacespace 8

That's alright. Sometimes you're so used to doing something you kinda space out and go into autopilot. Not a big deal. I'm sure A.J will forgive you.

Let me spell something else for you: Y, D, I.

You should have tried smiling and laughing cutely to play it off :)

Considering OP is a guy, that could give AJ the wrong idea.

Anybody noticed how many comments get thumbed down? Even the ones that are people's opinions? Dont have the right to free speech anymore

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And this ****** your life because...?

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I came back to see all the replies to my comment and then all you guys were here...saying nothing relevant. It was like opening a present and finding rabbit poo.

Hey, hey. Don't shoot down all their comments. They bothered.

On the behalf of #24: No thank you, no one wants a taste of your inchworm.

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That's kinda the point. I'm saying there is no guarantee of free speech online. Besides, how the **** does getting thumbed down stop you from posting your comments? I posted mine and I'll rightfully get buried for it. Boo-hoo. That's not taking away my freedom of speech.

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Hahaha! Number 33 that was grand.

17 - you're an idiot. Just about everyone who has worked in retail or fast food would have done that, or something similar. 24 - it is free speech. You wrote what you wanted to. It's just the people don't agree with you and thumbed you down. End of story. If it wasn't free speech, ALL comments would have to be approved by some sort of authority before they were posted!

24- If they didn't have the freedom of speech, they wouldn't be able to comment. Edit* Oh shit. I think I fed the troll.

Why the hell are you people arguing about free speech? This is a PRIVATE website with MODERATORS. There's no such thing as free speech here. The moderators can moderate, alter, or delete your comments as they see fit. I'm an idiot and I have a small penis. SEE WHAT I MEAN? I didn't write that!!

Careful Doc. A certain FML team member may call you a paranoiac.

Sorry I didn't realise that op is a guy. I'm using the app. I saw the name martinah and assumed a girl. I guess its true what they say about assuming.

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Yeah, these kind of things are never really a big deal, but it is kind of embarrassing. I was at the mall with a friend, and she wanted to use her discount. The cashier asked for her name and she responded with " Cat. " Then the cashier asked, " could you spell that?" In which she sarcastically replied with " um, you mean C-A-T? " No big deal, we all laughed about it.

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You were right the first time, I am a girl :) -OP

martinaaah 7

Haha nope, I'm actually a girl :P -OP

Thank you for clearing that up. I feel like less of an ass now. Maybe the thumbs down were for the smile face idk

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He was asking his name so he could write it down on the form...

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You know if you actually read the FML, that's why he asks for his name in the first place.

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97- Probably the first and last time someone will actually witness the FML, then comment on it.

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Nope, sorry. This is the OP, this happened at The C Shop in Birch Bay, Washington

Soooo ... Maybe that's his name then, Aj. :-/

Yes that's the point. His name is A.J., but OP made himself look stupid by asking how to spell it.

Oh we'll that's okay then :) Didn't sound sarcastic, I apologize.

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63 - I think 4 already explained they were being sarcastic... No need to be rude.

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63- You're welcome, Sargent Sarcasm.

63- Nice fake picture. I've seen that on Facebook dozens of times.

Randomly have to say you have stunning eyes.

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"No, my photo is not edited! Why does everyone ask that?"

You beat me to it. I was going to say Aajay.

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That's true. My friend's name is AJA, but it's pronounced ASIA. Sometimes you never know.

You could have just admitted you didn't hear him and ask again.

OP knows that. If you read the FML it says that OP chose between two options: Asking to repeat the name, and asking to spell the name.

Would have been a lot less embarrassing just asking his name again.. Just saying.

In this situation yes, but I am at the register at my work and people are so use to saying their own name that it comes out quickly. When I ask for them to repeat it, they scowl and say it even faster than the first time, leaving me with the choice to ask again and flat out piss them off or guess.

In your picture you look like your a 6 year old.

Nope actually its your. Its not in you are picture

****, im sorry, i didnt realized. Its you're* oops

Holy cow!!! Are your eyes even real?!? D:


Creepers.. Creepers everywhere... Can we please limit the creepy stalker comments to private messages? It can be derived from her profile pictures that 66 has pretty eyes. Now, as stalkers and creepers who are GROWN UP and MATURE, we will now message her in a private message to tell her so, rather than spray it all over the comment thread. It's what the system exists for, y'know.

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 6566's picture is not her, as I stated under a different comment. That picture was submitted by a girl to the contest for the most beautiful teenager award or whatever that shit is on Facebook. Since then I've seen it everywhere, being used by girls who claim to be her. And the eyes are obviously shopped, guys.

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I didnt say it was me and im not stupid enough to think people will believe that, that is me. Its not me, im not that pretty.

I would say it's a combination of FYL and YDI

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yes! why not both?:) ~Mexican music~

TellMeWhatsDeath 14

14- you obviously never seen that taco shell commercial..

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pourquoi sommes-nous parler espagnol maintenant?

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Don't mind me, guys. Just an English comment passing through.

OP: *laughs awkwardly* I thought you said OJ, sorry sir...

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55- Way to take a stab at it, good sir.

That's a legitimate question! I knew a guy with the same name, but he spelled it Adgeigh.

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His parents must have agreed to **** with his life.