Go mom!

By disgusted - 04/10/2012 23:24 - United States - Clarksville

Today, I was watching TV with my mom, when a plumbing ad came on. A hot guy showed up on-screen and said, "I'm here to snake your drain." My mom immediately piped up with, "Oh, I'd let him snake my drain any day." Thanks for that imagery, mom. FML
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Hiimhaileypotter 52

I think I would die laughing if my mom said that.

ceccles628 6

I'm pretty sure that commercial has some sexual undertones


Hiimhaileypotter 52

I think I would die laughing if my mom said that.

Was he as hot as the Old Spice guy?

Picturing my mum saying that, yeah I think that I would, too! haha

At least she didn't give u the talk after saying that...

androiddestroya 7

I would've let a single tear escape, then laughed.

My mom would be all "weell my goodness that's quite inappropriate!" No humor....

My friends would think I'd say that

All the makings of a porno.

Has nobody stopped to think that she could have actually just been talking about a clogged drain within their house? The Internet has turned us all into perverts! D:

79- but we all know she was not at all talking about a clogged drain in get house.

siickman 7

I highly doubt it was an actual drain she was talking about because OP would have took that thought into consideration but the way the mom said it maybe and OP saying the plumber was attractive hints that mom would say something sexual ... So conclusion, we are not perv thinking :p ... Not right now atleast...

wellfuuucckme 7

lol what ?

siickman 7

Comment was for 79 lol i got carried away for no reason now that i look back at it.

ceccles628 6

I'm pretty sure that commercial has some sexual undertones

Trix_Disorder 20

I am POSITIVE that commercial has sexual undertones. An impending threesome is heavily implied. I'm surprised it got on the air.

Wouldn't OVERtones be more appropriate, here?

Almost goes perfect with the Bad Plumber post earlier.

Trix_Disorder 20

23 - You are absolutely correct about that. I swear, it is the beginning of a porno; they show her in the store with her hair all mussed and everything.

Don't forget to mention the "Double Impact!"

It's probably Mexican.

It's funny how your comment has 69 likes!

wetofour 7

I saw the commercial and it definitely does, lol!

Mmmm double impact! Sounds like a fun night snaking drains! Lol

momolee 4

Hot mama

This sounds like the intro to a MILF porno. *Plumber enters* Plumber- I'm here to snake your drain. *Sex scene begins with no real segue between the scenes*

40: That's pretty similar to the actual commercial, anyway... ...except instead of sex, they try to sell you drain cleaner.

iseyixes 18

I've seen the commercial and yes he is hot!

At least your mom still has a sense of humor.

ruabadfishtoo 0

I agree! I would be dying of laughter if my mom said that

My mom always says these things. Not fun.

I'd rather have my mom have a sense of humor than not have any whatsoever ! I try to tell my mon a joke and it SOMEHOW ends up being a life lesson or something. -.- It's as of she has a big stick up her ass or something (sorry mom,.. I love you)

It's bad because in public, my mom will loudly point out someone. She'll say "I bet he has a huge dick." and I have to just run away and hide.

olpally 32

Some thoughts are best kept to yourself... But your mom is hilarious!!! Sounds like something my dad would say...lmao. Just laugh it off... :D Giggity!

shawnaishere 14

Hint hint : someone is getting obsessed with quagmire

olpally 32

I love family guy!!! Sorry... Lol... Can't help myself! :D

6, I look at your picture and can't help but remember Tom, from MySpace lol

olpally 32

I don't want to be compared to the guy tom on MySpace!! Lol... Terrible...

your about me is awesome, people really do get really snarky here it sucks, in my first comment I got ripped apart.

devond09 0

Bahahaha your comments are funny!

The question is, would you let him snake yours?

iseyixes 18

Not sure if the saying "like mother, like daughter" would apply here.

Definitely a Porno scenario.

Hahaha it would be the cheesiest porno ever but you are correct.

Just mentioning him means he's going to kill you now. Wait, shit, I just mentioned Slender too. *Vomits uncontrollably*

This is relevant how..?

I just don't get what's scary about a made-up monster. Big whoop

I'm only afraid of real monsters, like the ones in my closet...

Schizomaniac 24

Sean, there's only one thing in your closet, and it isn't a monster.

kittytub 12

69- it's irrational. I know he's not real, but I'm absolutely terrified of him.

Ew. I'm sort of confused as to what a made up killer with no face has to do with a hot plumber ?

It's a good thing I don't know how your mom looks so I can't picture that. Phew

U have a good looking pussy. :)

46, I like your picture, I've been to Machu Pichu (not sure if that's spelled right) it's very pretty!

She sexy ain't she. Makes all the boys clench their teeth.

Very sexy pussy :-)

I've seen that commercial and I don't blame her! I'd let him snake my drain any day too :)

Me too! Those were the hottest "plumbers" I've ever seen.

Which commercial is it? I haven't seen it :/