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Today, I'm five and a half weeks pregnant. One of my coworkers told me that it sucks that I'll have to wait so long to show. I asked her what she meant; she replied, "It's always harder to tell when big girls are pregnant. Can't tell what's fat and what's baby." FML
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OP here. There are two reasons anyone at work knows I'm pregnant at this stage in the game. Background: I stopped taking birth control 2 years ago and have had six periods in that time. I work in a doctor's office-I'm a nurse. My coworkers that work directly with me often convince me to take pregnancy tests because my cycle is so irregular. I was experiencing what I thought were PMs symptoms-breast tenderness (to the point that it was painful to take my bra off at night), much more fatigue than usual, hormonal headaches, and some nausea when trying to eat in the morning but especially at night. I wasn't too concerned because the headaches had me convinced it was my period. My coworkers thought otherwise and told me after about two weeks of these symptoms that I was taking a pregnancy test on a Monday if I didn't start my period over the weekend. Well, I didn't get my period, obviously. I came in to work and that was the first thing the girls asked. I said no and was handed a urine sample cup. At that point, I was still convinced there was no way it was positive, so I did my sample, came back and gave it to the girl who was 100% sure I was pregnant, telling her "I don't even need to watch, I know it's negative!" Well, lo and behold, my pink positive line came up before the control line even showed up and my coworker rushed to my desk and said "congratulations!!!" I took 4 more tests that day and swore my coworkers to secrecy until I could tell my boyfriend-who was shocked because we had unprotected sex literally once and bam. I told one of my other coworkers the next day-she's also a nurse and was one of my preceptors when I was a student. I wanted to know what I should tell our boss. I am currently covering someone's maternity leave at work, which ends in December, and then I theoretically go back to being casual. She told me I had to tell our boss immediately-apparently you have to work a certain number of hours to have maternity leave regardless of whether or not your position is permanent so she said "tell her and get your leave!" I told my boss, who was completely thrilled and told me that whatever I decided, there was a job for me in some capacity at our clinic so it went well. As for telling everyone when it's so early, I spoke with one of the docs I work with regarding prenatal testing because I don't have a doc. I put my name in his schedule so he could bill for it and stupidly thought that nobody would look in my chart. As for my coworker, she's less than 5 feet tall and probably has a good 30 lbs on me. I'm not a stick, but I'm not "plus-sized" either. Before finding out I was pregnant, I had lost 20 lbs in order to help facilitate my boyfriend and I having kids... Down the road. If you stayed with this novel of a follow-up, thanks for reading!

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Well I would say to her, "Fortunately, you can always easily tell when people like you are being a complete twat..." Ignore the nonsense she's spewing and perhaps chalk it up to jealousy. And congratulations (:




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unless she gets slim fast!

ChopSuey444 20

Or unless she's not fat and her coworker is just rude.

#65 even if she is fat, that's still rude.

You know if the op is a heavier girl she can fix that. You can never fix what an ugly person you are.

Well I would say to her, "Fortunately, you can always easily tell when people like you are being a complete twat..." Ignore the nonsense she's spewing and perhaps chalk it up to jealousy. And congratulations (:

Bump her, just more cushion for the pushing!

it's not that big of a deal

Megatron_Griffin 25

I'm not sure if you're tying to be witty and make a pun..or if you're blatantly just saying that. It is a big deal..maybe not to you but this woman insulted her right to her face and risked ruining something that should be a positive part of OPs life. It's terrible that some people think they have a right to say such things to people.

moosetracks22 10

It is a big deal. I would expect a comment like this from a young child because they dont have a filter. But an adult, especially in the workplace, should have a filter not say something like that to a person's face. It's hurtful and if you say something to the wrong person, like a supervisor, it could get you into a lot of trouble.

Obviously her mother never told her, if she didn't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Thats why I became a mime.

She probably couldn't afford a filter for her daughter.

WavRace 14

Some people really have no filter.

Or class, apparently...

Not having a filter is not her problem. Being mean and wanting to bring someone down when their happy and the center of attention is. The person who said that sounds like she is use to having all the focus on her and did not like sharing the spotlight. She was mean and it was on purpose.

Well it's true that she is lucky. People can always see that she is a dumbass.

Luckily it's easier to decipher between a polite coworker and a rude one.

Don't let it get to you, you're having a miracle. Whether you are bigger or not, you're experiencing the joy and superficial people like her will never understand the meaning of fluff.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

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Hey, #50, ever heard of "the miracle of life"?

I believe it is a miracle because some people can not have children and if you are one of the many that are able to have a baby, it's a miracle.