Deluxe Memory Man

By Anonymous - 28/07/2009 10:55 - Australia

Today, I saw a cute girl at a bar and decided to go and chat her up. After charming her with my usual crap for a while, I told her she was really pretty, and asked for her number. She replied, "You asshole, I met you here a year ago and gave you my number, and you never called me." FML
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I'm suprised she was even talking to you for a while if she was still pissed at you. But YDI, obviously.


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who remembers who they met at a bar a year earlier if you never talked to them again? F her life for not having one!

could be because you used the term chat her up

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Wow, remembering a person you met once a year prior, Kinda of weird to me. Maybe it was her way of telling you to **** off and she's not interested. Just my Opinion.

I'm thinking u need to get new pick up lines cause I ain't remember no one I met a year ago at a bar lol if ur still using the same shit at the same bar then ya she's gonna catch u


I'm suprised she was even talking to you for a while if she was still pissed at you. But YDI, obviously.

I'm thinking it could be the girl's excuse not to give him her number.

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Neroflux - that's exactly what I was thinking. Her claim may or may not be true....

you should have told her that was your twin brother.

if they got serious he would have to provide his twin brother then... or have family photos or something.

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But if they got serious then I don't think she'd care that much if he used that lie to get her.

Why didn't you call her? Was she not cute a year ago? If so, I'd understand.

That wouldn't make sense because he wouldn't have asked the girl for her number first time round. Also YDI, no offense, but you sound like one of those assholes who don't care if he hurts the girl's feelings.

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He was drunk and forgot it's a mistake

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i say FYL because, unless u hav a call log for a mind there is probably no way u could remember her.

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Nah it's clear he only wanted to bang her (again ROFL.)

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wow you really are an asshole. i say F YOUR life douche baggins.

douchebaggins, go to hell, you sexist bastard. women aren't dogs and you dont ******* train them! I hope you never find a wife, and if you do, i hope she divorces your sorry ass.

lick my clit, douchebaggins! stupid mother ******!

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really, ur seriously a dick. what is wrong with you?!

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You really are a douche, no MAN would ever let women talk to him like that, oh shit, gotta go, my wifes coming and dont like me on FMLs.... im caught.... LMAO, Back in the kitchen where u belong.....

Wow you playah- you sound kinda like Joey from Friends (god that used to be such a good show!)

I know, but then it losts its touch @OP: It's kinda creepy that she'd remember

I miss that show I still watch reruns.

ive been told that i run like pheobie..... (i do NOT!!!!) lol love watching reruns

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that was EXACTLY what i was thinking!

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Wow, someone has a photographic memory..