By melean - 04/10/2010 06:37 - Trinidad and Tobago

Today, on my way to school I dropped my money. As I turned to pick it up, I saw an old lady snatch it up. We began to argue when a police officer came over. Not only was I accused of being a disorderly thief, but that old lady just walked away with my lunch money for the entire week. FML
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Bring your own lunch. School food sucks anyways. You would if lost your money both ways.


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b a lil more careful with ur money

sonnet 0

Just wait for karma to strike:)

sonnet 0

Just wait for karma to strike:)

don't worry, she will depart sooner than you, OP..

'B', 'lil', and 'ur' aren't words, Erika. Better start listening in English class.

yes, lets get on fml and comment on every grammatical and spelling error

agreed, grammar nazi STFU! No one cares...except you because you have no life

79 - Really? I have no life. I don't know where you get off saying that, since you know absolutely nothing about me.

You don't really know much about them either. Just saying.

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see kids don't get treated with the respect we want so sorry op fml.

rallets 22

Hey, I care. Without grammar, you might as well say goodbye to any possible chance of getting a job.

...I'm Jewish... Op, looks like you have had a poopy day , but get some ice cream and watch a movie. And make it chocolate. ;)

let's face it princess if your arguing in fml you don't have a life

I was replying to the Jewish guy lol, not you

Then type the number of who you're replying to.


#101 you have just proven that you have no life by replying to all of these comments within like 2-3 hours

No, that actually doesn't prove I have no life. It proves I'm stuck at home tonight because I had a few assignments to work on. The assignments were to be typed, and my msn is on, so the email notifications pop up. I answer them when I get around to them. Nice try, though. I did manage to get two full assignments done.

If it were my money, the only thing striking would have been a coconut upside her head.

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grammar Nazi is snickerdoodles!

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old ladies they followin u around, snatchin yo money up

93 - how is op supposed to buy an ice cream? the wallet just got stolen :O

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if it were me, I wouldve filed a charge against the officer and the old lady... the old lady for stealing and the officer for discrimination against age.

that old people suck and should be put down?

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That old people should be thrown into a fire?

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30- your picture is really funny and op that sucks but she will get hers one day

That's right! They should be avoided at all times, especially when you're carrying cash. I bet the old hag that stole your money has had bad experience with teens. She makes up for it by stealing because she knows she won't get caught! There're multiplying around the world. It's becoming worse, lol!

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that any1 over 50 should be thrown into a shark pool?

I learned that old people can get away with anything, that sponges can take baths, and that penguins are not native to Wyoming; just their zoos.

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That the old lady was a bitch

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Bring your own lunch. School food sucks anyways. You would if lost your money both ways.

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some grannies are saggy *****.

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most grannys have a soggy ****. I would know.

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She probably needs it more then you so shame on your or being selfish and wanting to eat.

what r u talking about shame on him it's his Money he needs to eat dumbass

i honestly think I would have punched her lights out :| I'm very protective of my food :|

are you kiddin? old people are lame and selfish. what does she need it for? buying tampons her dried up uterus doesn't need?

4 is the saggy old bitch who took the OP's money!! everyone club her to death !!

Wow this guy really pissed people off. If it got this many replies I would definitely say it was a successful troll

Bum lunch off of your friends for the day & then just bring lunch the rest of the week. Unless your school is renowned for the quality of Cafeteria food, you won't be missing much.

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You are dividing by zero my good sir!

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these days....? lol you've haven't been around long enough to b familiarized with anything from "back in the day"