By melean - / Monday 4 October 2010 06:37 / Trinidad and Tobago
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  5t3ff1k4h  |  43

No, that actually doesn't prove I have no life. It proves I'm stuck at home tonight because I had a few assignments to work on. The assignments were to be typed, and my msn is on, so the email notifications pop up. I answer them when I get around to them. Nice try, though. I did manage to get two full assignments done.

  Annihilator  |  0

That's right! They should be avoided at all times, especially when you're carrying cash. I bet the old hag that stole your money has had bad experience with teens. She makes up for it by stealing because she knows she won't get caught! There're multiplying around the world. It's becoming worse, lol!

  farkie3  |  8

I learned that old people can get away with anything, that sponges can take baths, and that penguins are not native to Wyoming; just their zoos.

By  Filitov  |  0

Bum lunch off of your friends for the day & then just bring lunch the rest of the week. Unless your school is renowned for the quality of Cafeteria food, you won't be missing much.

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