By screwthewilderness - United States

Nature is healing

Today, I visited my vacation cabin. I've been planning to sell it, and it was in perfect condition when I last visited about 6 months ago. I walked in the door to find the floor covered in muddy pawprints and bloody remainders of meals. It appears some bears moved in during my absence. FML
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By  tweetygirl28  |  2

Your upset because you have bears? I am upset because you have a vacation house. Pretty sure the bears are long gone anyways other wise you wouldn't be here to whine and complain.

  DocBastard  |  38

FFML, I again find myself in agreement with you. To be upset at someone else's success is nothing short of asinine. To the original commenter: you should be ashamed of yourself.

  Ohnocurly  |  0

You all have got Tweety all wrong. It's not her fault she can't have a cabin, It's the governments for not giving her more on her welfare check. She barely has enough for her smokes and boos.

  sYmhaHa  |  0

FYI it's normal for the human race to be upset at other peoples success.. It's a shame to be upset at sharing air with someone else, especially when it's not yours to share.. But in any case if it's that bad stepping out in front of a moving bus can fix this for you, quick and easily..