By picklet - 12/05/2012 14:36 - Malaysia - Kajang

Today, I started the job of my dreams. Our first marketing meeting was an in-depth analysis of the phrase, "Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate". I have a 5 year contract. FML
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Something similar used to hang in my old Calculus class: "Don't hate, integrate!"

They should appreciate...appreciate the 5 years of job security.

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And OP gets paid to do this? SIGN ME UP.

That sounds like a dream job to me. I don't see the problem in this

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"Mate" is missing a few letters.

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Anyone Internet savvy would kill for that job

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Should have been : Haters gonna hate, 'taters gonna 'Tate.

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Almost as hilarious as your profile picture :]

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The phrase is from Janoskians !!

Why are you complaining? That's awesome!

Agreed. A 5 year contract at your "dream job" and you're letting one dubious meeting bring you down? Damn, people sure become complacent rather quickly. Every job has its shit moments. Good luck ever finding a job in your line of work that doesn't have at least one dull meeting, boring task, tedious coworker, or idiot boss.

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Sounds like it's gonna be the easiest job in the world. You lucky bastard.

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If it really is the job of your dreams, You shouldn't like it any less after one weird experience.

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You're getting PAID to do that? Don't complain...that's badass.