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Today, I finally met my daughter's boyfriend. He has a face tattoo. FML
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At least he doesn't have one that grows

OP, who are you to judge.. Isn't it the inside that counts?


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34: In the case of face tattoos, it's okay to judge.


She replied to my comment with the intention of being near the top. Which is against site rules.

The inside is important but packaging counts for something.

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We ALL know that's bullshit...

All I'm saying, is the first thing I thought of when I read this FML was that (Sonic?) commercial: "for a dude with a face tattoo, he actually turned out to be pretty dangerous"

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It may not be indicative of his character or personality, but let's face it, he probably won't be getting any high-end jobs soon...

I think the books cover is usually a pretty good indicator of what's inside. Not always, but honestly people of higher moral character tend not to get tattoos on their face.

#2. Which reputable place of employment will hire him? He set himself up for failure with that

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That's a stupid saying. Why do publishers invest so much time and effort to make attractive cover art? Going to a book store is an exercise of judging books by their covers. If you are referring to not judging people's character by their exterior appearance, you are somewhat right. When the cover is defaced by the author's poor judgment, you can bet the text inside is going to be similarly useless.

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54 fifty shades of gray- that is all

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Oh, that completely slipped my mind! Thanks 13.

Even though it sounds harsh, it's true. the majority of people judge others, and in a serious job industry it could be a problem if it's too big or offensive. It's a stupid thing, and they don't judge just by tattoos and piercings, they also judge by hair color! I do not think this is a good thing, but sadly I can't do much about it :l

Hehe your comment and picture go well together ^_^

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Well it depends really. I have little stars near my eye and it doesn't effect my job. Unless you get something big and provocative, I don't think there's anything wrong. It has to be a little unnoticeable tattoo though.

We are slowly, but surely, becoming a society where this is more acceptable though. Face tattoos are kinda a stretch, but piercings and such

Props 99, looked hard for 5 mins and still cant find any stars near your eyes. Your tattoo is truely unnoticable, jealous..

That would be just plain old discrimination

Look on the bright side, it takes a confident person to get a face tat. Hopefully he already has a good job

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To all the people who think he can't get a job: my boss' boss has a face tattoo and he is by far the most intelligent among all his peers. It's true he would have been judged in very conservative companies but it's the talent that matters in the end.

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He's a keeper alright.. Careful, if you say anything to your daughter she will stay with him just to prove you wrong. Good luck OP! :)

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Yeah, you should probably tell her how awesome he is and how much you approve of her being with him.

In my thoughts that's gross but He likes it. Tattoo doesn't mean anything he maybe a really nice cool guy!

Don't overreact she's probably doing it to wind you up.

Not ALL people with face tattoos are bad just look at Mike Ty... Hahahahahahaha, sorry, I couldn't say that with a straight face!

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Wow a face tattoo......thats ummm....awesome

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Wow your comment...that's ummm...awesome.