By Anonymous - Egypt - Cairo
Today, my boyfriend sat me down for a "confession". His confession consisted of him saying that "women are like a bag of chips," and that while you can love the smokey BBQ flavor, every once in a while you just have to go for some salt and vinegar. FML
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  kirrra  |  11

numbah 54- why do you feel replacing r with h, and I with e, makes you sound good? you sound like just as big a douche as op's hopefully ex boyfriend. and op, I feel bad for you and I really hope you can see how stupid this guy is and move on.

  UnLuck3y  |  5

135- Out of ALL of the stupid ass comments I've read on FML, this may be one of the stupidest. Saying they can't blame us for "spreading our seed" because it's in our genetic code is like saying we can't blame someone for murdering their ill babies, because only the strong survive. Times change and people evolve, but evidentially your reasoning.and ethics have not.

  downtime  |  12

37, That's an odd farm. Full of pigs and a few stallions. Those people really need to branch out more, our farms have greater diversity than that :P
Seriously though, I realise you all believe he is cheating on her, I read it as he's confessing he isn't satisfied in the relationship and WANTS to seek out other people. Only one of those is "pig" behaviour.

  CustardAndPie  |  13

#6; Either way, he's obviously a bit of a nob to me.
Scenario 1: He's justifying infidelity. With a food analogy. =Dickhead.
Scenario 2: He's breaking up with her, and instead of just saying "I'm sorry, but I just don't feel the way I used to." he's using a food analogy. =Dickhead.

By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Lays....betcha can't have just one. :p
I'm sorry you don't have someone who wants to only be with you, Op. :( I hope you both can work it out, if you want to stay with him. Best of luck.