By hubby - 08/10/2013 17:57 - United States

Today, my wife's pregnancy hormones got so bad that she freaked out and threw a tantrum, accusing me of always making important decisions for her. All I did was get her some food from Taco Bell as a surprise. FML
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olpally 32

Awww, what a good husband you are. Don't worry, she'll forgive you later, hormones are like that.

uhnevermind 24

Maybe she doesn't want the shits?


uhnevermind 24

Maybe she doesn't want the shits?

OP if you want to buy me Taco Bell I won't complain.

raging hormones and taco shits not combination I would ever want to see

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jw90 18

I would endure the shits if my spouse did that for me.

OP just confined her to 3 hours on the toilet, it's an important decision...

#36 Just like the actual puns, your comment is getting old too.

Gearden 8

Well someone isn't getting a taco tonight.

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you have obviously never been in prolonged contact with hormonal women and their cravings

Yea they're like raging animals,

caohm 18

there's no agreeing with a pregnant woman its only trying, putting up a pitiful struggle to win and then failing miserably

caohm 18


hcollins1 18

Because every pregnant woman ever has craved peanut butter covered pickles or hot wings and pizza at 3 am but decided to eat a salad and a fruit bowl because it's healthier.

Rainhawk94 27

Just give her what she wants and you'll both be happy trust me

Am I the only one surprised that #2 got thumbed down so much? Sure you can snack a little but it is still very important to eat healthy, because your diet does effect your baby, obviously.

#124, Cravings are caused mostly by nutrients that the baby needs, and maybe there was something in Taco Bell that wasn't in a salad. (I doubt it though)

I know, but there are still other solutions. Of course I get thumbed down as well, just trying to say 'be healthy for your baby'. Whats wrong with that idea?

hcollins1 18

132, you've never had a craving have you? Oh and add a ton of crazy raging hormones a pregnant woman may have. Also, normally (or so from what I have read, more than once, so it may or may not be true) when a pregnant person is craving a certain food (or in some cases something weird like dirt, clay, soap etc) it's because that individual is lacking the nutrients that are in those types of food, or strange random items. Docbastard, have I read correctly?

Actually, I have. I haven't been pregnant yet, so I will admit I can't truly know what it feels like, but I happen to have a food addiction (no, not 'just' saying that, I am actually in therapy for this), so believe me, I know what cravings are. But that's what I said, sure you can snack a little, but please just remember that you are also feeding the little one so don't overdo it. And I know that it's related to what the body needs, but if you crave something like mexican food, you could make it yourself instead of going to a fastfood place.

cryssycakesx3 22

sure pregnant ladies have cravings, but she wasn't having any, especially for taco bell.

olpally 32

Awww, what a good husband you are. Don't worry, she'll forgive you later, hormones are like that.

alshygirl 14

This is the nicest comment I've ever seen you post

nightowl713 25

Pregnancy makes you crazy! I wanted jack in the box tacos, and they didn't have any. You would have thought they tried to kill me. I was completely inconsolable. And that wasn't even the craziest thing I did. The support system, what ever it may be, just needs to keep in mind that not matter how inconvenient it is for them, they aren't the ones feeling all of the absurd emotions. And most of the time the pregnant don't mean what they say or do and often deal with the extreme remorse that follows an extreme melt down. Hang in there OP, it gets better!

Dnt take it personal, it's just the hormones speaking! Maybe rubbing her feet will help calm her down....and hopefully put her to sleep lol

Wittledinosaure 7

Wow, whatasluttypicture.

And if that doesn't work, try Valium. Lots and lots of Valium.

If none of those work, make sure to throw chocolate from a safe distance.

ThatFancyPenn 18

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welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy at least its rewarding in the end

Hospital bills are rewarding

try a child that you get ro raise and care for parenting is the most rewarding thing in world

Not everyone wants to be a parent, and the idea of what is rewarding is different for everyone. For me, it's succeeding in school.

@29 if you don't think having a child is rewarding, don't have children. Problem solved. 17 was merely stating their opinion.

hcollins1 18

29, considering this FML is about a husband getting the wrong food at the moment for a PREGNANT woman, the reward obviously to THEM is having a baby as it was their choice to have a child. Though, it does make me happy to see that there some people out there that still care about their education. Good for you! :) And 12, I'm sure the birth of a child is more rewarding, important and not to mention well worth that temporary hospital bill. Hospital bills can be paid off and are, as I said temporary. But the love of a child is never-ending and the best thing any parent can have.

As a woman who gave birth a week ago, let me warn you the worst has yet to come! Being patient will hope you both - even though it is hard!

As a 7-months prego woman, I'd have to agree! I try really hard to remember that my hubby is only trying to help (and I try to warn him when I can feel my emotions running high), but some days are really difficult. And when I'm craving something, and thinking about it all day, nothing else will do. Keep your head up, OP. You'll get through this. In the meantime, maybe give her a quick phone call before buying her anything else to eat. :)

christge1beast 17

Congrats on the baby!

Are you the one who had the baby potato? :)

Goblin182 26

Actually I think he made need to keep his head down.

When womens hormones kick in, its like hurricane Katrina all over again.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Hurricane Katrina is not something to joke about =(

And this, fellow commenters, is the FML paradox- two contradicting comments being thumbed down

It was more of a comparison than a joke

Second comment is now thumbed up- idk if mine influenced people but regardless, my first comment is now irrelevant. And for that matter, arguably so is this one.

graceinsheepwear 33

Run for the border.

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