By Anonymous - 11/12/2014 21:47 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I got to experience the horror of my wife's pregnancy. She woke me up abruptly at 5 am by throwing up all over me due to her terrible morning sickness, then ate pickles covered in mayonnaise, and later dropped to the floor sobbing when I told her we were out of dog food. FML
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saraitkddh 47

look at the bright side, you are not the one who is pregnant!

tony1891 22

out of all things to run out of. you run out of dog food. come on man.


saraitkddh 47

look at the bright side, you are not the one who is pregnant!

MzZombicidal 36

I was thinking the same thing, #1. It's one thing to deal with a pregnant person, it's another thing entirely to personally experience those mood swings! That being said, this is now one of my absolute favorite FML stories, OP. It'll be worth it :P

Yeaaaah, the horrors he's experiencing is nothing compared to what his poor hormone addled wife has to go through.

As someone currently experiencing bad morning sickness and constantly wanting to cry or cut someone or just go to sleep, I would like to say this this this. I absolutely love that I am pregnant but being pregnant SUCKS.

tony1891 22

out of all things to run out of. you run out of dog food. come on man.

Barking up the wrong tree I tell you! Shouldn't run out of dog you want your wife to have a breakdown?

Ahhhh, the joys of pregnancy. Where every little detail counts and gross things happen way too often. Good luck pal, sounds like she's in the first trimester. I had morning sickness and everything and by the end I was crying over everything and ready to tear my bfs head off and use it to play football.

Well Walmart never does close...get some dog food...

Not all walmarts are 24hrs. I know of a few that close at 11-12pm.

kk21days 14

Get that poor woman some chocolate, man. You can never go wrong with chocolate. (unless she doesn't like it or is allergic)

then in that case you can go wrong with chocolate

24, pregnant lady here who is currently repulsed by sweets (makes it fun working in a cookie shop, eh?) so you absolutely can go wrong with chocolate but the thought is sweet and that's what counts.

Where I live, the latest they're open is 10pm

tantanpanda 26

#60, YOU learn when to realize whether something is a joke or not. The commenter was actually serious about walmarts being 24 hours; It wasn't a joke.

clearly she wants dog food and he better deliver!

hey soon you will be holding a beautiful baby. its all worth it

Haha holding a beautiful baby that will puke on you, just like your wife. Get used to it lol

Misswildsides 22

Well doesn't someone like to rain on people's parade? ^

He can get used to being woken at 5am for that matter too!

All these sacrifices are worth it when your child calls you daddy and kisses you when you least expect it. The feeling is magical. Hold on, just 2 more trimester to go

In 9 (or less) months... It'll all be worth it.

She's carrying your (I hope!) child, I'm sure you can find it in your heart to forgive and look after her for a little while.

I had a hormonal pregnant teacher in high school. They're so irritable and annoying.

askullnamedbilly 33

They're growing a human being and their hormones are way out of whack. Cut them some ******* slack.

In all fairness, unless #10 impregnanted said teacher, I don't see any reason why he should have to deal with the pregnancy and all its perks. As far as the FML goes - yeah, your comment is spot-on for OP. Although I don't think he's placing any blame...

My brother had a teacher that was pregnant. Her boyfriend left her. Failed all of the male students, was a complete bitch to any male.

Pickles covered with mayonnaise... If she would have had that a few months ago she wouldn't be sick now, am I right?

Chaith 16

If that's a dick reference then wouldn't she still be pregnant and sick? Haha.

that's probably why she has morning sickness now, bc she had it a few months ago. or am I missing something?

#14, you can't get pregnant from swallowing cum...

Criminallylnsane 13

#72 you can if you eat using your OTHER lips