By Anonymous - 20/08/2012 12:12 - United States - Worcester

Today, my husband had a temper tantrum because I wouldn't get him a chocolate bar at the store register. FML
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HowAreYouToday 34

... Just buy him the chocolate, then ground him.

Psych101 9

Someone needs to grow up a little... Seriously, OP. Grow up and buy him the chocolate bar.


SmallyBigs 9

I don't know... I still get mad when my mom doesn't buy me a Hotwheels car. And I'm 17.

HowAreYouToday 34

I get mad when my boyfriend doesn't buy me a stripper. Oh... Wait...

HowAreYouToday 34

... Just buy him the chocolate, then ground him.

Why would he do that? If he has a job (maybe) then he can go get one himself.

You obviously need to have a talk with him about those kinds of things. He isn't a child anymore, and I'm assuming he has a job so he can buy his own chocolate bars if he wants them that badly.

Well, getting married is just agreeing to live and look after an overgrown man-child.

He's acting like a child because she's treating him like a mother.

HowAreYouToday 34

I would never let a woman refuse me a chocolate bar at a register either.

...and then eat the chocolate yourself. That will teach him!

I'm gonna wager that the OP's husband didn't actually act like a toddler. My guess is that he just wanted some chocolate, but the OP told him no and then embellished the story on FML because she's a controlling, passive-aggressive bitch. I know it's a stretch, but I think it's more believable than an adult having a tantrum in public because of some chocolate.

cherry72 13

Lol @26 obviously you aren't married (assumption on my part) but I have been married now twice and my experience is men never grow up. (there are always exceptions to the rule) I am still married to the 2nd.

cherry72 13

I meant @137 for my comment ugh.

You spelled *son* wrong... Oh, that wasn't a typo? I feel so bad for you OP... Best of luck growing him up.

hahasooo 2

26- you're only young once, but immaturity lasts a lifetime.

no it's not, it's about love compromise and equality. (and I just realised you were joking, I'm sorry I'll leave now)

Because you can't buy toddlers everything try ask for. They need to learn the tantrums aren't going to get you things.

3 - Oh, I don't know, maybe because OP's husband is a grown man and if he wants something he should buy it himself rather than beg his wife to buy it for him?

ArielTheMermaid 17

OP, he's clearly an adult. He shouldn't have to ask whether or not he can get some chocolate.

Why treat your husband like a child? Before long you will be laying out his clothes for him every morning.

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boycrazy30007 12

Did you ever think maybe they are on a strict budget. The wife probably cares more about their finances. And of course 33 was sarcastic.

I suppose they could be on a tight budget, but I doubt 65 cents is going to break the bank. He could buy it himself, but married couples usually have a shared bank account. I'm guessing she didn't want him to have it for health reasons.

ant1ion 12

Your pic reminds me of that recent fml

Give the man his chocolate!! Sheesh, women these days.

With an attitude like that, I wouldn't be surprise if you're still single.

27- With an attitude like that, I would be surprised if you were retarded. It was a joke. -.-

27 is right! If the woman says no chocolate, then that means no chocolate for her husband.

I see that now 32. My apologies. I deserved to be buried.

Yes, I am indeed single, as I recently dumped my most recent girlfriend due to the fact I don't wish for her to be tied down while I am in USMC boot camp, and because I don't want to question her actions every day I am in there, or come back with her pregnant whilst still with me. But, it was a joke. If you cant realize that on the first look... Then its a sad, sad world you live in.

PhishloverA 14

#27, learn how to detect jokes on the Internet, and learn how to take one

Psych101 9

Someone needs to grow up a little... Seriously, OP. Grow up and buy him the chocolate bar.

ThePsyche 9

C'mon op, you can't deny chocolate. You'll regret it later when he won't rub those calyces from your feet later.

mariah_1_11 22

I'd through a fit too. That stuffs like catnip for clones... Or you know... Everyone else...

ant1ion 12

You'd go through a fit? Or you'd throw a fit? Which one is it?

46- I don't think I've ever seen someone spell 'callouses' that way before..

well he is a grown man, you can't really refuse him a chocolate bar, but still very childish of him.

roxyartist 8

And he couldn't buy his own because...?

Knightchaser27 25

Maybe he didn't have cash or a card at that time

So, probably because of this one time he didn't have cash or card he's a lesser man for it?

He didn't have cash AND he threw a fit. If it was his money or their shared money, he would not have had to ask her for a chocolate bar. He could also be diabetic or have some other medical reason why he could not have chocolate. If that is true it proves he is not mature enough to take care of himself. So no matter how you look at it, he doesn't sound like much of a man to me.

FirebirdF350 7

50, my buddy works eighteen hour shifts and pays all bills and makes all the money, and his wife won't remember to buy him chicken ******* patties, maybe the op is just a bitch looking for people to agree with her and justify her and the husband is pissed that he has no say in the money spending?

Even if he is a diabetic, she does not have the right to force him to do what he should.

So that justifies him making a scene? And we are talking about junk food. He was at the store with her so it's not like she "forgot". Its a damn chocolate bar. I wouldn't put up with a three year old throwing a fit over it. Much less my fully grown husband. And if he let her tell him no then he is either afraid of her or it's her money.

Even if he was diabetic, if he's old enough to be married, he's old enough to decide whether eating a chocolate bar is a good decision or not. If he can't do that, then unfortunately, OP is living with an over-grown man-child.

why? cause he got pissed off cause he feels like he has to ask his wife for everything? im sure its more to it than a simple candy bar

oh my.... i can almost bet ya, one day your husband will be in the same boat.... well that is if he ask first

You are essentially married to a child. It's okay, my mom thinks she's married to a 14 year old. Luck of the draw I suppose.

You are essentially married to a child. It's okay, my mom thinks she's married to a 14 year old. Luck of the draw I suppose.