By she knows - United States - Honolulu
Today, I was at my in-laws' house, and as I was walking to the living room I had my hands on the back of my hips supporting my back. My mother-in-law told me to stop because it makes me look pregnant. I'm 9 months pregnant. FML
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By  jamjam12  |  15

Um isn't that better than if you weren't pregnant? Plus she's your in-law, shouldn't she know you were pregnant? Sorry don't see how this is really an FML....

  doodlecloud  |  26

I know it's unlikely but I kind of got the feeling that OP and mum-in-law don't see each other much and OP assumed her husband had shared the news but, for whatever reason, he hadn't? Or the mother-in-law is joking because she's denying that she's pregnant (I know someone who's grandparents actually did just deny the pregnancy and pretended she didn't exist until she was about 20). If either of those were true, that would be pretty FMLy.

By  CanadiAnM8  |  24

That seems very rude from your mother in law. You could have told her to catch up on the family news and not to be so mean next time. I bet you she knew but wanted to piss you off.