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Today, while working the drive-through, a woman ordered a large coffee with four creams. I handed her the coffee, and she took a sip. She then hurled it at me, screaming, "I said four creams, not five!" and sped off, leaving me drenched in hot coffee. FML
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friedpwnadge 25

Get her tag from the cameras, that's assault and battery.

Wow what a bitch. I used to work drive thru, I know your pain :(


Wow what a bitch. I used to work drive thru, I know your pain :(

I work in a restaurant and I'll agree with you there you see the true face of people in customer service work.... Generally either very kind or the embodiment of evil

Yeah.. There's a reason why I left McDonald's and never looked back lol fast good is definitely rough (all customer service is if you do it properly) and it takes a certain type of person to do it. I lost my mind, I couldn't do it anymore. So OP just know, it is a rough job, and hopefully you keep it together unlike me. Good luck with your job and I hope that's the worse you get and the rest of your customers are awesome!

jajaflan 4

I feel this lady is such a ******* asswhole its not even funny..

Next time always close the window. It prevents that from happening.

If you ever worked in fast food/ customer service, you would know that closing the window on someone is considered rude. I can't even count the number of times that I wanted to close the window when people were being rude or annoying.

friedpwnadge 25

Get her tag from the cameras, that's assault and battery.

Assault is just the threat. If she never said she was gonna attack her you really can't push assault. It is a common mistake to use them as one charge. It is actually two distinct and different charges.

3- It actually could be a bit worse than that. A girl I used to work with threw her soda back at the lady working the drive thru at Wendy's and she got arrested and charged with shooting/throwing missiles at/into an occupied structure. That's sounds so much worse than it is!

friedpwnadge 25

My apologies, Fml user who appears to be a German Shepherd. Time to make my exit. Blerghleblerghleblerghleblerghleblerghleeee! *exits sideways*

She did assault don't have the threaten someone first for it to be assault.

Hi, Police Officer here. Assault is Battery. The two are interchangeable. Have a nice day and drive safe.

Bts1026 3

No #48, assault and battery are not the same thing. Assault is the intent to cause the apprehension of contact. Battery is actually causing that contact. If the OP saw the customer throwing the coffee then that would constitute an assault. If the coffee actually hit the OP then threat is a battery. Two different acts resulting in two different charges. As a cop, I would've hoped you should know the law.r

**** the police. Hey someone was going to say it.

As an FML commenter you should know he's not really a cop. And battery is.... damn battery is draining again. Gotta charge my phone 'again'.

monnanon 13

ffs assualting someone IS the act of attacking, hitting, kicking, throwing stuff at etc. battery is the same thing. there is such a thint as verbal assault but an assault is a physical act.

alot of police officers dont know much about the actual law, its just a job, thiers different levels of knowledge and experience and as long as they arnt wrighting tickets or arresting people who cares

*as Dwight from the office* "joke's on you! they make you come back & clean it up!"

If you have to say where the joke comes from, it's probably not a good joke.

Is this the American version of The Office?

APersonalProblem 13
klovemachine 24

Sue McDonald's...that's usually what happens with spilled coffee :-D

But it wasn't McDonalds, it was the customer.

That's the point. "Never let facts get in the way of suing someone," right?

45 its people like you, who make other people think it's okay to act in a stupid and unsafe manor and then blame others for not protecting them

#45 a couple of days ago I told someone they wrote the most ridiculous comment ive ever read on FML, I have to retract that statement, your comment is the most ridiculous comment ive ever read

Yeah, #45. I bought this chainsaw and it cut off my hand. Now I have lots of medical bills. Someone should have made it less sharp.

funsizedbecka 9

The woman was an idiot. She ordered coffee and burned herself. It was her negligence. She shouldn't have gotten anything.

Not entirely true. Assuming you are all talking about the Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants case, she accidently spilled her cup. This never ever happened to you? If the coffee had been at a normal temp, it would have been far less of a problem than it was now. She also only wanted her medical bills to be taken care of (in the amount of around 20k dollars), nothing else. McD only offered 800 bucks. It wasn't until later when more lawyers became involved when the outrageous amounts of money were involved... dracodraco100 is right actually, media just makes it sound ridiculous...

\ 28

Such an amazing sense of taste and smell, and yet she orders from a fast-food restaurant. Wow.

uhmaizing 3

Why the thumbs down? It does. If you live in Canada Tim Hortons does too.

\ 28

Mmm, I'd put my money on Tim Horton's any day. We have that in Michigan as well.

blunttobluntest 12

I'd pick Tim Hortons over Starbucks anyday, it seems more homely. Or am I just weird for having coffee classifications?

High quality food would blow her mind.

Ouch, hot coffee actually really stings especially if you we're drenched in it :( I hope you had a better day afterwards OP

Put in that extra cream yourself eh? *wink*

Get her license plates off the security camera and report her vile ass!