Asshat parking technique

By MadMax - 26/06/2013 20:49 - United States - Nashua

Today, I rode my motorcycle to an appointment and parked in the parking garage. When I got out, some ass had pushed my bike from the spot and had boxed it in between the wall and his car. Apparently, he felt he deserved the spot more than me and didn't care if I wanted to leave. FML
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Druu 53

His tires don't really need that air..

JoeGrant 12

Can't you get his plate number? I'm sure if you get that, as well as take a picture of the situation, you'll be able to prove he is liable and make him pay for any damages.


JoeGrant 12

Can't you get his plate number? I'm sure if you get that, as well as take a picture of the situation, you'll be able to prove he is liable and make him pay for any damages.

damages? from pushing a bike aside?? tell me you don't get irritated when you're in a lot that's full and you see a motorbike taking up full spots. YDI OP.

lifesucks1217 6
MermaidAnnariea 10

no, actually, most people don't. and if they do, it's a short-lived frustration of "damn, i thought that spot was open. oh well, keep looking." only a complete asshat would think OP deserved this. motorcycles are expensive and lovely.

Kylias 6

"You deserve your bike being trapped and probably damaged because you own a bike and parked it legally." Idiot.

21, 22, 24. clearly none of you have lived in a city where bikes outnumber cars. I apologize for my differing world view on the subject. sorry IF your bike was damaged OP, no one deserves that.

@28, the bike is inbetween a wall and a car, im guessing there's at least a bit of damage.

28. I'm pretty sure the owner of the car wouldnt want his car damaged by having the bike up against it. hence, no damage. just squeezed in. like the new KIA commercial.

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That's 1 month in hole for that comment #33, you'll do the hardest time there is. Or am I being obtuse?

39. Not obtuse at all. clearly seeing a different POV here has cost me. Such is life. Hole, here I come.

Ever thought that maybe it's whoever is doing the parking spaces that's to blame? If bikes really outnumber cars, why not make up parks specifically for bikes? I have seen places convert a full car park into 5 parks for bikes (or whatever it was, it was ages ago)

@thatkidhesh hope I didn't come across as a huge ass but I saw a great opportunity for a Shawshank reference..

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CharresBarkrey 15

I get super mad when I see a bike taking up a parking spot, because I let myself get my hopes up for a free spot :( I feel the same about Smart Cars too

Implying that it takes a lot of resources to use paint to divide a parking space into a few spaces for bikes. It's literally like 2-4 lines of paint. Also, that's great. Tell me more about your poor living conditions while you're on the Internet.

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If you're so mad about bikes taking up full spaces, why don't you get a bike and try to park in a spot with another bike already there? Problem solved

What people are forgetting is that motorcycle owners pay road tax just like car owners. They are entitled to use the road and park in parking lots just like cars. It's not like you can pick it up and carry it like a bike. As for the asshole, I'd call the cops and have his car towed. I'm sure what he did is illegal.

ShadowEvanesence 4

Then quit complaining about bikes parking. They have to park too, you were offered a solution to your problem and you go on about how expensive it is to paint a line to cut a normal sized parking place in half. Do you think bikes shouldn't exist? Or do you think they should never be used to go places?

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lifesucks1217 6

okay people no need to keep bullying thatkidhesh for his mistake

93- You are a dense ************. Do you actively try to be retarded or were you just born that way and raised on a lead-based pacifier?

100. you sure do have a way with words :-)

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future FML "Today, I made an offensive comment on a post about bikes and parking spaces. I was torn apart by the majority of an online community. I don't own a car or a bike. FML' - for which I'll get 14000 YDIs.

Jelbeztok 17

@28 #24 was being sarcastic.

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Not going to lie, the second after you said "some ass" I pictured a butt boxing in a motorcycle.

#19... a bike has the same rights as a normal vehicle.

lorraineald 7

If you don't think motorcycles should park in parking spaces then where should they park?

33- dude, those aren't 100 upvotes, those are 100 downvotes. Over 100 people think you're an idiot and an asshat... you dumbass.

Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick their car out of the way. I would just sit on their trunk until they came back and then have several strong words ready.

#19 ever been to a Wal-Mart, or 1000 other stores that do NOT have motorcycle specific parking? My place of business does not have any and there are several motorcycles in our lot, including my coworker's bike.

Smart cars are not really that smart. I get the same MPG as a smart car in my Toyota Corolla S, and it is a full size car not a go-cart with a body slapped on it.

>Gets angry and flames based on parking spaces >Says others take parking spaces too seriously

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Last weekend I was participating in our area's Relay For Life event to raise money for cancer research. It's an all-night event. I packed up and was heading for my car around 6:30am, and noticed that some inconsiderate asshole had parked pretty much right up against my driver-side door. As I had parked very close to a wall on the passenger side of my car, i couldn't get in that way, either. Called up an ex-bf of mine who owns a towing company, he showed up within 20m, and for $100, took the offending car away. I left a note on the ground "Dear Asshole. Thanks for parking so close I couldn't get into my car. Your car has been towed. Good luck finding it."

@thatkidhesh: I've been to India and they have bike/motorcycle-specific parking there. Considering this is one of the poorest countries in the world, what kind of toilet are you coming from that has no money to do this...

**** that, use a key to draw swastikas on his car.

Druu 53

His tires don't really need that air..

Damian95 16

His car really doesn't need that paint on the side. Or mirrors. Or a windshield for that matter. It could, however, use a sock to plug up the muffler. But that's just my opinion.

summerguy97 16

Tip:only slash three tires, because if you slash all four, his insurance will pay for it, but if you only slash three, he has to pay for it himself.

just cut one and leave a note saying that the others are next. let the paranoia kick in !

TheDrifter 23

The answer it's obviously the two farthest from the door. One can be fixed with a spare, three they will notice right away, two will disable and maybe, just maybe fool them into trying to back out.

#26 you are an evil genius. Might I also suggest a little dish soap rubbed on the windshield wipers?

or maybe some pee in his gas tank and inside the car while your at it

tjv3 10

Take 2 of the tires off and send them rolling. Pee on his radiator. If you are a real sadist run poop on his AC condenser and Limburger cheese cheese on his manifolds and also on AC condenser and trans cooler and radiator. The smell would never leave his car. BUT the legal thing to do is to call the police and have them there with a tow truck so they can move his car and then take a report and write the tickets to the driver for everything

As if the driver would not slash tire number four for the insurance claim. Lots of cameras in garages means you might have him on video, be careful what the video captures you doing.

I hope you pushed all the air out of that douches tires.

Pwn17 25

Couldn't he find a different spot? What an asshole.

misataylor86 10

Correction... Lazy ass hole! :)

not really #129... since he had the energy to push a motorcycle

cottoncandymango 17

That's when you park your bike on his nuts.

Eliseopwns 22

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The1CalledGOAT 11

whoever parked their car in that spot probably isn't the kind of person one has a sophisticated conversation with

Eliseopwns 22

Wouldn't the correct choice be obvious...?

Or wait for him to come back and hit him so hard you knock his **** stiff.

I thought its always time for a pun. Isn't that what FML is about? Easing the pain of a bad situation..? I understand it sucks for OP, but I come here mostly for laughs in the comments.