By Teresa - 28/05/2010 04:30 - United States

Today, I couldn't sleep because I had the worst time positioning myself around my cat who was sleeping in my bed. I couldn't kick my cat out of bed because I earlier today had an argument with my brother over which of us the cat loved more. FML
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You can get a cat out of your bed without kicking it, you know. Just lift it up and put it on the ground. Or lift it up and put it on a more convenient place on your bed. It'll most likely just continue sleeping.

I never kick my cat off my bed no matter how uncomfortable it is :)


Sun_Kissed18 25

Her cat was sleeping on her bed in a place where the OP couldn't position herself arouind it. She didn't want to move the cat because she wanted to prove to her brother that the cat loved her more

WindsweptSky 5

I see how you are right. I also see how childish this OP is that she had to "prove her LITTLE brother who is in 6th grade wrong". Something wrong a little deeper? I think so.

your life sound like mine yay! antiflood is some bf

What does being an unemployed college student have to do with it though :P

don't worry the cat loves you mote you have things in common your both pussys. For real you got owned by a 12 year old get ready for a life full of fail.

Giorgio272 2

go for some cat spooning. your the big spoon cat is the little one. just remember though *********** is animal rape.

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There's a lot of pussy lovers on FML

how would your brother even find out?

maybe if she kicked the cat out, it would go to her brothers room

useless people all over in the world

what you do is pet the cat until it's awake, then as it's in a state of tired happiness, pick it up and move it. keep petting until it's comfortable, and then stop and sleep. sheesh. you suck with cats.

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528Alice491 3

Oh god, get over it! That can't doesn't give a crap! Are you kidding me?! Cats were freaking made to sleep and be self centered, he's probably just using you're dumb ass for a nice warm bed and he's laughing at you while you toss and turn!!

That's what I was thinking, do they share a room ? Ahah

WindsweptSky 5

I don't really get why you couldn't kick the cat out of the bed. Eh. FYL?

They are not even FML's, FML should have regulations that if the post doesn't include some sort of physical violence or physical problem they shouldn't be posted :|

Calm! Don't kill the anti-flood, ok? It's not worth it!!!

make two or more posts within a minute and you will have your answer.

I never kick my cat off my bed no matter how uncomfortable it is :)

Are you in kindergarten or college? Kick the cat out of the bed.

WHAT THE FISH??? what is being an unemployed college student got to do with kicking your cat out of bed??? this does not make sense on so many levels...

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dafuq. this fml is just like, rambling or something..

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How did this get approved? Lame. Doesn't even make sense.