By stankness - 22/03/2013 15:01 - United States

Today, I had to endure a long face-to-face conversation with a coworker who had fierce BO. He had his fingers interlaced around the back of his head the whole time. FML
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Give him deodorant in a gift bag and put it on his desk

Then you can taste it. I think that's worse..


That sucks, unless the conversation was important I would have excused myself.

countryrose92 23

I probably would have told the person. In as nice a way as I possibly could. Maybe "dude, you reek, put your arms down or go get deodorant, your choice but damn dude" you know, something suttle like that. :)

Rancor 5

I have a small water pistol that I filled with liquid deodorant for this exact reason.

Give him deodorant in a gift bag and put it on his desk

KingCeltic77 18

Do it discreetly so you're not labeled the office asshole. I'm sure that others agree that he has bad BO, but I'd still be careful.

Breathe through your mouth? Problem solved (;

Then you can taste it. I think that's worse..

No matter what you do #6, rancid BO, is rancid BO, specially being in a mosh pit.. Stuck in the middle of two overweight gentlemen with no shirts.. Arms flailing, sweat...-shudders from the memory-

49- worst part is when the get tired and hang off your back. had it happen to me once and i had more of the other guys sweat on me than my own.

I am a mouth breather and you don't "taste" BO or anything, you don't smell or taste anything

Laurenluvz 11

It's not as if you're actually physically able to taste it. You can just feel that you're breathing it in. It just feels gross and disgusting.

Hahahh, #57. Sorry for your experience. Fat men and sweat from them, during a mosh pit, with everyone's arms up, just reminds me of, 'Meet the Fockers'.. You should know what scene I'm talking about. -Gag-

Actually you do "taste" it. Most of your taste comes from smell, and the rest with your tongue. That's why when you have a cold and can't breathe well, food has considerably less taste to it.

DontModMeDammit 10

perfect oppurtunity to strike with some deoderant or cologne!

For some reason I imagined Op shooting him with paintballs full of deodarant..

DontModMeDammit 10

well if you have paintballs full of deoderant could probably work..

Deoderant? Once I could almost excuse, but you did it twice. You realise that it is "de-ODOR-ant", right? Oder isn't a word, unless you're talking about destroying the Oder River.

Thank you for providing the first proper spelling of the word "deodorant" in this entire thread.

well, technically, #3 spelled it correctly too. :^p. but OP, I'm SURE the co-worker thought his BO would be a SECRET between you two. I'm such a smartass, I would have hung those pine tree taxi fresheners from his elbows.

DontModMeDammit 10

im so sorry for ruining your day, how horrible it must have been to read a word that was slightly miss spelled...and twice at that! the horrors!

Who is Miss Spelled? And how slight is she?

debbster7 18

Well at least you know what to get him for Christmas this year...

3rdbass 9

FHL for not being aware of it.

chlorinegreen 27

I can usually tell if I have BO

perdix 29

So, did you address your comments to his face or to one of his pit stains?

You think thats bad a kid at my school smells like legit shit and he thinks he's my friend. He talks to me everyday but being nice I hold my breath and don't say anything about his smell. And the times he doesn't smell like shit he smells like cigarettes or marijuana

hellobobismyname 24

Yeah, I really don't understand people who don't shower.. When I was a waitress, one of our usual customers smelled as if he never showered in his life. It was so bad the entire restaurant filled with stink. The one time he didn't come alone, his friends all stayed as far away as possible from him. It's just rude knowing you're gonna be in public and not having the decency to practice proper hygiene.

@#12, If you really wanted to be nice, I would inform him.. Everyone ignoring it, just to talk about it behind is back is worse than letting it slide and having him believe nothing is wrong. He shouldn't care what people think, but at least give him the chance to smell better!

I really don´t understand why you just can´t tell him he might want to take a shower. I think you are not being nice at all, talking about him like this and not helping him in becoming a better person, since he seems to need (your) help.

Exactly #61... The best everyone could do, is be straightforward.. No one likes people who like to tip-toe around things.

olpally 32

Good god. This made me cringe. Idk what you could say to him. Hold your breath and then spray yourself with something fresh like perfume or something.