By lol - / Sunday 6 December 2009 14:03 / United Kingdom
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  vitafabula  |  0

Actually, that's not true. They said they having been able to *see* for two hours, which would lead most to believe that they couldn't see at all. If they had said "I haven't been able to see out of that eye for two hours", it woud be different.

  npk88  |  0

What the hell are you talking about? Americans don't know where Britain is? I'm pretty sure I do. I've actually been there as well. But what does supposed (but untrue) American geographical ignorance have to do with somebody getting toothpaste in their eye?

  drkwlf  |  0

I'm not sure what the hell happened here, I actually had like the third comment on this post originally. Fyi, my fiance is from Great Britain, so it was just a joke. Ono.

  drkwlf  |  0

Well wtf. I wish I woulda seen it because that doesn't even make sense. Unless someone said something about Britain not being in the UK or the other way around OR that person is just retarded themselves. .. Dunno.

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