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Today, my wife and I were watching a football game. While someone was about to score, she started screaming, "Go!" and "Come on! You can do it! Go baby, go!" My first thought was that I wished I could still make her scream like that. FML
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Look, it's not about how well you score, it's about how much of a team player you are.


My mom does the same thing while etching sports... DAD!!?!!

OP might be out for the season... He'll have to work on his plays and strategies a lot before he can go back in

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Well learn some new tricks to spice up that sex life!

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Or tell the Patriots and LeGarrette Blount to stop bullying the poor Colts. 4 rushing TDs in a playoff game...

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Maybe he should get a uniform the same as her favorite player and go from there.. That might help

I agree. A jersey and a helmet isn't that big an investment for a 17-21 week season of weekly sex.

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Maybe he could get the fake dog neighbor to help him.

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Awe:( maybe just update your sex life, try new things, be kinky, get her as excited as she gets for football

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"It's never my idea, these young chicks get all horned up and they tell you to go ass to mouth" Clerks II

Practice makes perfect...also maybe she can give you some pointers...

Look, it's not about how well you score, it's about how much of a team player you are.

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So he needs to bring in the special team during sex?

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you know im pretty sure if you'd just ask her she'd tell you what to do to make it better :/

Cum on OP don't feel down. Try something new

why did you say "cum on", are you trying to be funny? I adda punch you in the face with a brick.

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Try wearing a football jersey and going for the touchdown next time..

At least now you know what to do for foreplay

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The only way to turn her on more is to ask her what she'd like to try. She'll appreciate your willingness to pleasure her better.

Absolutly the truth. Ask her next time.