Today, I went to my son's soccer game. I cheered his name at the top my lungs and waved with a grin on my face. I saw him whisper something to a team mate so I watched the film my husband took later that night. His friend asked, "Who is that?" and my son replied, "I don't know some fat bitch." FML

By Anonymous - / Wednesday 22 April 2009 21:46 / United States
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  Hanipan  |  6

#291, #293, #318 Don't ever have kids, you stupid cunts. She was supporting that child - and this is the thanks she gets? She doesn't deserve this, but you three do. Just because neither of you never had any supportive parents doesn't mean you should dog someone who IS being a supportive parent.

By  wowfmlife  |  0

hahahahaha niiice

By  Freaklancer  |  0

WTF. Don't beat your son please. He probably thought you were a random person. Most likely.

By  bobhope123  |  0

hahaha shamuuu!! you deserve for embarrassing your son like that. his life is fucked all because you're too damn lazy to get off your fat saggy ass and workout every once in a while. god damn. P.S. lose weight you disgusting bitch

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