By Fatality - 28/10/2010 16:29 - Canada

Today, for once, I managed to get my boyfriend's mind off the hockey game. I muted the TV and cuddled up to him. Only thirty seconds into snuggling, he shoved me onto the floor and screamed, "GOAL!" FML
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When it's boy time, it's time to leave them in their world...


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Just give the man some time. Season will be over eventually

KingDingALing 9

Oh shit! It's the police! Run Kay! I told you to yell surprise before you raped me because then it wouldn't be rape!!

KingDingALing 9

Just hide under the bed and I'll tell you when it's safe. :D

1# must be 12 or something because this is really stupid

82- I couldn't agree more. Op- Wtf? how did you think muting the tv would get his mind off the game?

maz_irken 6

I agree with 2.. I'm a girl and I hate it when someone interrupts the game.. op ydi, if someone is into sports leave them alone during the game.. either do something with friends or sit down shut up and watch the game

You don't snuggle when a dude is in game mode that's jus t a given

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only sex between commarcials.

You NEVER try to get a guy off the TV. As someone else said, MAKE HIM A SAMMICH!!!

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don't mute and cuddle dummy. turn it up and unzip his pants. dumb chick

Your probably 12. Shut up nobody cares if your a girl!

Agreed. Aside from that, OP could've just cuddled up & enjoyed the game too. Doesn't have to be one or the other!

When it's boy time, it's time to leave them in their world...

Lol, you'll have successful relationships I can tell :P

ahaha I have a boyfriend... I understand guys.

your bf is lucky to have you damn girls don't usually understand xD

ohthebloodygore 16

Why is it that people think only guys watch sports?

Trav72 5

No one said they don't, I know plenty that do. It's just the girls like the OP that don't understand, when the games on they need to let them watch the game. haha

cuz girls don't usually shove their boyfriends onto the floor and scream GOAL!! :| could be an explanation

ohthebloodygore 16

32, I shove my guy friends on the floor. :P I get violent if anyone stands in the way of me watching any game. 31, true. It's a stereotype. People think guys love sports, and women hate them because of idiotic girls like OP.

hence the use of the word usually :P I understand there are extremely hardcore female sports fans, I ain't blind

Trav72 5

Haha, me and my best friend (a girl), watch basketball games all the time together. It's fun when girls like sports. :)

I hate washing sports too. I can NEVER get them clean!

Fortuitous 0

ohthebloodygore, I know! I hate that stereotype so much. It makes me want to put a football player in a headlock.

not trying to offend anyone, but the majority of people that watch sports are the ones to lazy to play them themselves.

ohthebloodygore 16

85, in my opinion they're not true sportfans then. I play every sport I watch.

KiddNYC1O 20

85- I think that majority would be the ones who had the chance to play but dreams were shattered. Wether it be via injury or any other adversity. So, I wouldn't consider them lazy.

Yes! You're sensible. I let my boyfriend watch the game or whatever he needs as "his time". He deserves to just chill also. What's the point to being so needy? I get plenty of attention already.

skyttlz 32

My bf pays more attention to baseball than me

probably because your boring. just guessing because basketbal is the most boring sport in the world

Agiggleaday 0

fail. she was talking about baseball not basketball

sheagstaz 0

**** yeah! I play for the blackhawks in my midget/junior hockey league!

Just cause we're goalies doesn't mean we can't score ;)

Because theres not more appropriate times for that?? Heck you got 20 minute intermissions...make it quick.

**** man ur so right ppl gotta understand that hockey comes before everything

I've never understood girls like the OP. How long is a hockey game? Two hours? You honestly can't stand to have him pay attention to something other than you for a whole two hours? Grow up.

OP, IT'S FRIGGING HOCKEY BITCH. I'D SHOVE YOU ON THE FLOOR IF A TEAM SCORED TOO. besides you live in CANADA. what else would you expect from a Canadian boy? CANADA FTW.

kaijapapaya 0

I agree, Morelia. Besides, if a girlfriend really want to be with their boyfriend, there are plenty of ways to celebrate after their team wins ;) Just give boys a little time for their sports!

OP should just watch the game too.. I love hockey

At least someone will be scoring that night... *SPOILER ALERT* It's not you.

wwerulez14 6

Wait 'til the game is over and if his team wins, then you guys can "celebrate"... When will women learn that sports comes first when it's on tv?

wwerulez14 6

Ahh very true... Good point :) See if OP would have just kept it in her pants, she could've gotten some regardless of the results. Instead she got her ass tossed to the floor :D

sourgirl101 28

I learned not to mess with guys and their sports. That's why I LOVE football now. I didn't want to be a football widow. My husband and I bet. I get first pick and the loser has to wash the dishes. Keeps me watching with him.(:

pooper, I wish my wife watched football with me. I'd wash dishes for the rest of my life if she would watch football with me! sourgirl, kudos to you. I mean congratulations, not the candy bar.