By Anonymous - 16/07/2011 05:38 - Canada

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. She was so happy that she began flapping her hands around and screaming. She was flapping her hands so hard she smacked herself in the face and started crying. FML
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congratulations ur goin to marry abird

lovelydarlings 6

She was just slap happy!


Ouch... but congratulations!!


Sounds like a real keeper! Now LET THE BLONDE JOKES BEGIN!!!

She just couldn't take it. They were tears of joy and pain combined.

Valentina_Baby 7

She sounds like she's 12 lol

I don't see any blonde jokes

In this case it should be; Congraturations.

That is so funny I can't imagine it didn't really happen. x)


27- i know! Im dissapointed in you people! I figured it would be a perfect set up for some awesome blond jokes...

nicobington 1

number 12 i see what you did there

lol that's also cute... sooo atleast she didn't say no

futtbuck101 1

Is she related to Forrest Gump?

girlfriend: OMG OMG OMG *smack* ow ! *cries* this is a sign from god! boyfriend: What!? girlfriend: I'm sorry Jimmy boyfriend : Damn you God!

Malkria 1

hahahaha nice one 131 that's funny! XD

congrats for being the first person to be engaged to a headless chicken. but seriously, congrats.

-148 Only in Canada!

YourEvilHero 12

15 looks like boxxy

2ndSucks 15

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me. I got so excited I began flapping my hands like an airhead blonde and proceeded to slap myself in the face. FML

StopDropNRoll 11

You forgot the part where you started crying!

2ndSucks 15

I left it out cause I was embarrassed. :(

& ur marrying her?

owned, did she say yes?

How is that an FML?

ImaWiseGuy 5

you made her so happy she had to smack herself back to reality, explaining the tears of joy not pain....

lilxsexii 4

Wouldnt that be F her life?

No, he has to marry her

applesuckers 0

He doesn't have to, he chose to.

changetheworld 0

Um, boobs.? O.o

SneakherHead 5

Boobs :D ^ . ^

sourgirl101 28

Look down 95's shirt and slowly spell A T T I C

mynameis1339 0

Dam 95 great rack.

To 95, everytime you comment I will imagine titty fucking you. That is all have a nice day.

SneakherHead 5

B00BS :O ^ . ^

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

95- kinky pic and name ^_^

Angeon 5

Cute as hell

no cause he just found out whats going to happen to him

lovelydarlings 6

She was just slap happy!

Now that was a good one

efieldd4 0

ohhh, clever!

emodude44 0

Take these sunglasses and make me proud.

ArielTheMermaid 17

I applaud you sir :) great comment!

that sucks for her but congrats!! :)

congratulations ur goin to marry abird

BlackOpsPWNR 0

your thins ups(143 right now) say iloveyou

a slappy bird, apparently xD

Imaging this made me laugh.Hehehe

Sarajean32 5

HAH! Right?!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

LOL. btw Congrats (:

A7X_LoVeee 10

At least she's happy. It could've been worse by her saying no.

What if she was flapping her hands around being so happy that she could finally say no and lead to a break-up because she doesn't want to be with OP anymore? What if she was trying to fly away? Meh.

Haha, awesome :p Congrats btw : D