By Anonymous - 13/01/2014 20:35 - United States - New Iberia

Today, I puked up an anti-nausea pill. FML
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This is possibly the shortest FML I've ever seen.


JMichael 25

It didn't work! False advertisement!

RedPillSucks 31

Oops. Didn't read FML correctly

JMichael 25

No I'm pretty damn sure I read it right.

Well this fml was short, sweet and to the point

I saw 24's previous comment and that's the comment he was referring to, not yours.

JocelynKaulitz 28

These days nausea pills will have nausea as a side effect. Oh the irony...

RedPillSucks 31

@51 That wasn't a comment to you. I added something and thought better of it after rereading. I simply edited my comment to say that I didn't read it right.

#62 well maybe it wasn't too sweet. Probably bitter and left a burning sensation in your throat.

\ 28

I've become hemophilic!

#19 I see that you get down voted quite frequently for your use of big words that you use to (in my opinion) try and make yourself look smart. Just an observation

I'm sorry 19, but what does "blood loving" have to do with any of this?

I believe 19 meant to write hemophiliac. by all means, correct me if im wrong, but hemophilia is uncontrollable blood loss. still it isn't related to the OP's fml, but. just being helpful is all

I think it's trying to convey some "clever" play on the word "irony", given that iron has a lot to do with blood. But maybe I'm just giving it too much credit...

it doesn't mean blood loving is a disorder in which your blood doesn't clot

People are just like, more then 6 Letters... Screw that.

Actually I take that back, it's no because it's big it's freaking creepy.

This is possibly the shortest FML I've ever seen.

pwnman 33

Search "Gigli" on this site..

'I shat a magnet' is one of my favourites

"Well, when did you have magnet for dinner?" Hahaha I love that one.

#13 nothing shows up

Sorry, I made a typo, twice when searching. Its pretty funny that FML.

Grauncho 27

#22 there's an irony pun in there somewhere.

a simple FML. i like it.

lilmslady 11

i guess a no gag relfex isnt your thing huh?

This happened to me when I had the flu last month. I couldn't keep,liquids down, or pills. So I had to go to the hospital to get the medicine through IV. Going through that, I feel terrible for OP. Sucky experience.

ABarrelHorseGirl 8

What do you do after that?

Probably cry alone in a corner... With a pot just in case she threw up again

Well 79, it does help with nausea after all. :)

Irony at its best.

Those things usually take a half-hour at least to work, and one of the side-effects you can get from them is actually nausea!

A side effect of nausea from an anti-nausea pill? I think not. OP didn't take it early enough, they do take up to 30 minutes to start working.

Its possible.. look at all the medicines that are advertised on tv... side effects usually include what your taking the pill for. Everyone's body is different and can react in strange ways.

That is because when testing medicines the company has to put every single symptom the test group had. That's why headache medicine has a side effect of headaches.

its funny because on most of those ads thrbstuff that they are prescribing has sideffects worse than what you are feeling. but sorry OP man I hate being sick its like what did I do to deserve this!!!

You can get the dissolvable kind that you just let dissolve in your mouth instead of having to swallow a pill

This is why you use the 'temporary' ones first (which you place under your lips, against the gum) so it absorbs into your bloodstream without having to swallow, allowing you enough time to swallow and keep down the 'proper' anti nausea pill. Unfortunately I know this from experience. Lets just say, oestrogen -not my thing!

yup! those were my best friend during pregnancy. morning sickness for the whole 9 months.

sourgirl101 28

When I had my morning sickness, (mine wasn't as bad as most) I always felt 100% better after I did throw up. Nowadays, whenever I'm ill, I don't debate "Should I or shouldn't I?" I just listen to my body and get it over with as quickly as I can so I can start to feel better. Throwing up is never fun but the body is designed to find a way to get rid of whatever is ailing you.

You know that destroys your teeths right?