By Anonymous - 15/04/2016 17:06 - United States

Today, I tried to power through work on a construction site after a couple of sick days. I can't do anything without constantly sucking on cough drops. And it turns out that excessive consumption of cough drops can have a laxative effect. FML
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Steve95401 49

I hope you're near the Porta Pottie during the work day.

Shit man. I hope you don't fall behind from taking so many breaks.


Steve95401 49

I hope you're near the Porta Pottie during the work day.

Wow I actually didn't know cough drops did that. You learn something new everyday.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

This sounds like a Today I ****** up I read about someone consuming too many mints and it having the same effect. Pretty odd.

I'm not completely sure, but I think it's only sugar free cough drops that do that. I read it somewhere.

christge1beast 17

If they were honey coated or made with honey, that could be why. Honey in large quantities acts as a laxative.

This is so good to know! *goes out and buys as many mints, cough drops, and honey as I can find* What? I've uh... I'm having a really bad week.

1) joke. 2) Why would I be excited to learn about a laxative when I'm having a really bad week? Probably extreme constipation! Sorry the joke wasn't obvious enough for you. I'll stick to knock knocks in the future to not confuse you.

theblondeone 16

If I remember correctly, it's due to the artificial sweetener sorbitol. Human digestive systems don't tolerate it well.

"sugar free" candies aren't actually sugar free, they just use sugars that our body can't process such as certain alcohol sugars. These collect in your lower digestive tract and once they hit a certain concentration, boom. Poop time.

That sounds terrible, but it does have a warning on the packet if you read it ...

Who the hell reads the fine print on the back of a pack of cough drops??

The same people who read the terms and conditions.

Cough drops are medicated. Like any other medicine, you should definitely read the package before you take any. It tells you on the bag not to exceed a certain amount of drops per day.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

#28, so I definitely shouldn't eat an entire bag of cherry cough drops because they taste good? ****.

Shit man. I hope you don't fall behind from taking so many breaks.

Sounds like his behind is already falling off, though

Anything that is sugar free (like cough drops) can have this effect. Sugar free products like gum and stuff use xylitol as a sweetener, which in excess quantities can act as a laxative

Allornone 35

it's true. Certain brands of sugar free gummi bears especially have a reputation for the havoc they wreak on your intestines

@ sugar free haribo gummy bears. destroyed my ability to control my *****.

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devans00 14

Been there, done that. I feel your pain OP.

Try not to have cough drops. What about honey and tea? Or cough syrup?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Yeah, I'm sure OP can just stop everything they're doing on the job to make tea with honey or take cough syrup.

oh, well. You'll live. I have the same thing, except with breathmints.