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By  chirstinap325  |  21

"Oh look how beautiful she is!"
"Is that her, at the very bottom?"
*crush leans over to look*
"No...I don't think so.."
*op shoots girl with horse tranquilizer so she leaves them alone for the rest of the night*

Bit of a stretch.

By  Bigfabthetruth52  |  22

How exactly did the night lead to you guys climbing a tall ass building in the first place(was it up fire escapes?). Sounds like something out of a movie. I'm not climbing the tallest building in my city for anybody lol.

By  conman531  |  23

Be thankful it's a guy you "really like". Thank him for it. He just saved you from dealing with that crap 5 years down the road. Now walk away and in to the arms of someone who isn't such a douche

  Vitani_Verci  |  24

What makes him a douche exactly? OP said it was with a guy they really liked and not on a date. He may not even know OP likes him, but also he doesn't owe OP anything.

  TaoShaman  |  24

It is incredibly rude to be hanging out with someone and then start yammering on about someone else the whole time. He's not required to like them at all. But spending the whole night talking about some other person is rude regardless.


But that's what friends do, don't they? They talk about their crushes. I remember I always told my friend about my crushes and she told me about hers. That's what friends do.