By gorgeousrenthead - 10/08/2009 23:41 - United States

Today, my parents decided to visit me. When I first got my apartment I gave them a key "just in case" and today they used this key to enter when I didn't answer their knocking. I didn't answer because I was having sex with my boyfriend. My parents saw everything. They didn't know I was gay. FML
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I think you where being a bit anal giving your parents the key. . .


That's an over statement. @OP: That's one way to break it to them.

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Don't you mean understatement? @OP: I hope they take it better than my parents would >.> FYL dude.

Sounds like more a FML for the parents. Especially if you were catching. That's just indecent.

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How was it indecent? He was having sex in his own apartment. If he was doing it at their house it would be indecent.

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stfu, you idiot. to the guy below me, who went off on the rant about him being raped and stupid idiotic stuff like that].

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ydi for being gay? WTF? I'm gay. my parents know that i have had sex with my boyfriend. @153 ydi for being a loser.

How the hell are we idiots for not being straight?

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#74, it seems as though somebody never loved you enough as a child. Why is that? Oh. It's because you're a closed-minded bigot.

your an ass man im gay so does that mean i got to die just cause its his life and your not happy with it means that he has to die. why dont you go **** yourself you religious ******. why dont you stop playing with yourself and get a ******* life

@159 because you can't do math! penis+penis=friction and pain ******+******= it just doesnt fill that emptiness in you life ;P

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#166 if you know what penis's rubbing together feel like ( 'penis+penis=friction and pain' ) then does that make you gay? If he wants to have sex with another man, so what? It's his decision! Its in no way affecting you so get off your ******* high horse and accept people that are different than you. and OP, well at least you were spared from having to come out to them, now they know ;)! And if its your OWN apartment then they were the ones who walked in on YOU then no biggie! Dont stress about it and if they have a problem with you being gay then that's their loss, not yours.

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okay, im replying to everyone who thinks being gay is stupid and whatnot... i think you are all too self-absorbed to realize how awesome they actually are... Do you know most gay men and women adopt children? If it wasn't for them there would be so many children who wouldn't have a happy family. At least they have parents to take care of them. Another thing, men who are gay can help you go shopping! which is a blast... one of my best friends is gay and he is fabulous! any who, get over yourself and grow the **** up.

Actually many gay men care as little about shopping as many straight men. While there are gays who conform to the common stereotypes, just as many are just pretty average people...

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I agree with this comment 100%. Did you seriously think your parents would use the key for emergencies only??? If it were my parents I know for a fact they would just let themselves in unannounced. It sucks that your parents found out about your sexuality by actually witnessing it, but you totally asked for it.

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@166: Apparently you misunderstand how homosexual intercourse works. One penis does not go into another penis. Nor does a ****** go into another ******. So perhaps the reason the person you were posting to can't do "math" is because what you think is math is really just nonsense that doesn't deserve to be done.

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@ #240: Actually, many gay guys don't like anal sex and actually DO rub their penises together. It's called frottage.

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Im not trying to dis gays my sister-in-laws gay and. My brother is as well. But not everyone like gays. Why do u care so much it's just the internet, u fruits need to grow up. We r all ppl who cares if someones oppion is affending. It's not ur badle it's the guy who wrote it's badle. And it is against the bible to be gay and there are no gays in congress so don't try to get all political. Ur not getting married anytime soon assholes.

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This is directed to number 294: I just have to say you're either trolling or pretty moronic. Sure people can have different opinions but to base it upon sexual orientation as opposed to whether or not the person is someone you'd like or not (found out via their personality) is just completely ridiculous. Sure it may be incorrect in the bible, but you're forgetting on key piece; the bible is a work of fiction and really should have no educational or non-fictitious arguments towards anything really. Another thing I'd like to say is whether or not there are currently any homosexual individuals within congress doesn't mean that homosexuals have no right to speak their mind politically about any matter at all. Whether or not gay marriage is legal currently it most likely will be soon as more people become educated better about current understandings such as the fact that homosexuals can be normal people and therefor should deserve the rights straight people have. Have a nice day.

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Thank you Malvolence88088! You are brilliant!

well there may be no gays in AMERICAN government, but Americans are renowned for being small minded (not all Americans are, I know, but America has that reputation). In Scotland I can think of at least two MSPs who are gay.

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so being gay is evil? does your god tell you that? i'm straight but I think being gay is a ok.

well, my take on the whole gay thing is basically gay people are just weird. I don't care if you suck dick when you have one, but fir christs sake don't just act gay. as in this time's meaning for it, someone who is just a complete ****** in every way.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

359, maybe some day, when you're older and wiser, you'll find out that only a really small percentage of gays really act like the stereotypical gay guy in sitcoms. it only seems that all gays are like that because you wouldn't notice all the other gays on the street because they behave exactly like straight guys (minus the whistling after women/staring at breasts etc, of course).

for every straight person who hates gays... seem to forget that they are the ones who made us....

389, what the **** do you mean that straight people "made" gay people? That sounds just as ignorant as all of the bigoted bullshit some of the other posters have put. I have a bunch of gay friends, and no one "made" them be gay. it's how they were born. You are an utter ****- wit, 389.

STFU 2. Oh gosh, OP, that sucks. Well, they can't say anything, at least. You're on your own and they should just suck it up. A key should be used in an emergency, not if they just want to casually drop by. That helps avoid situations such as these.

biggLJ your a worthless piece of skin taking up oxygen from the rest of us people. I'd rather have a gay friend than an idiot like you. there is nothing wrong with gay people!

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except for the fact that they cant naturally procreate. if people were really born gay, the gene would be gone. this is excluding bisexuals, which according to most, are also born that way. if there was a gay gene, it would be gone by now.

Do you know how many gay people have had children, in todays society and earlier society?? So no, the gene wouldn't be gone. Learn some ******* genetics and common sense.

105 - Not necessarily! They (especially in some time periods) felt pressure from people like you to be in straight relationships. Also... you're not a science person, are you? You're sort of on the right track, but you've so grossly oversimplified genetics that, in this case, you're kind of wrong.

last time i checked, a Dick+ Rectum =/= babies gb2biology Man I sho do love Tuba for showing this.

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i don't know if you have gone to college or anything yet, but in psychology we have talked about this, and there is a gene that can be carried within the mother. why don't you go get a psych book and go read up on that.

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@115: I assume you're envious because your username states that you're lonely in your ass?

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I think you where being a bit anal giving your parents the key. . .

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OP where you scared shitless.

Haaha anal. Haha. Let's get the nerds to show us their penises! Yeah we should! Yeah wouldn't that be so gay of them! Thanks for reminding me of that.  Ydi for having sex THAT loud guys don't even have an orgasim when they scream like a girl does. Those lucky (women) bastards.

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He wasn't loud... They saw him.

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#6 and a couple of others are the only ones who know anything. All u other liberal assholes can suck it! And if u don't like what I say well that sucks for u because te constition says I can say whatever I like...bitch.

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Seriously how is my comment anti-gay?

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#2. i can't even begin to deal with people like you OP - maybe you should have told them prior to this? or maybe next time have them call first? i really don't know what to say.... >.

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That really sucks. At least they know now, right? Hopefully they are accepting. And Bigg is just trying to get a rise out of people. Don't give him any attention.

except thats probably the worst way to find out... poor guy !

Your parents need to learn what privacy is. Giving them a house key is not permission to visit whenever the **** they feel like it.


You're going to end up like Everybody Loves Raymond. CUT THE CORD

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GOD that must have been embarrassing! Parents can be so stupid sometimes...

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That really sucks, OP. Very sorry. But still, at least they know now? I hope they took the news well, despite what happened.