DMV blues

By HellisLikeTheDMV - 13/07/2012 15:19 - United States - Colorado Springs

Today, I finally went to the DMV to replace my lost license. After waiting for almost two hours, I casually rummaged through my purse. Something strange inside the lining caught my eye. It was my license. FML
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I would think that's the first place you check?

Even though I'm not suppose to, I have an extra copy of my driver's license. I keep it in my car's glove box incase I forget my purse at home. It's come in handy.


I would think that's the first place you check?

Right? Whenever I lose mine I always check my purse, wallet, and the dashboard of my car.

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She did say inside the lining, I'm thinking of a purse I have that got a hole in the thin, inner lining. Lost one of my electronic cigarettes for a week or so because I didn't know it was ripped. If something like that happened I feel that's understandable.

thats why you should fin an infomercial website and buy that nice stack and pack purse where you cant lose anything and it isnt all loose.

19, I'm sorry, what did you say? Normally, I would just plug it into my search engine, but for some reason, gibberish is the only language not supported by google translate.

16, I thought I was the only one who caught that it was in the lining of OP's purse. I don't think that the other person saying to get a different purse, has the vocabulary to understand what the lining of a purse is.

Purses are interdimensional portals. "Lining" is one of the kinder destinations. "Land of Lost Socks" is one of the worst. The purse decides, not us. That's the real power of the purse.

Ahh, kind of like a cursed bag of holding... that makes sense.

They probably did, no need to be rude.

I Accidentally flushed mine down the toilet on Thursday. I'm yet to tell my parents

OP this is your fault. If it weren't your lack of observation this would never have happened. Especially since your purse would be one of the first places you would check for your license...

Purse linings are very mischievous, my mom has lost things in her's for weeks and she is very observant. If the license was in the purse it would be her fault but it was in the lining

I'm not female. Honestly, I don't know what the "lining" is. I assumed it was another part of the purse. But, what I'm trying to say is that maybe OP overlooked it too quickly, and that cost her to spend two hours in a boring place. But couldn't OP have just looked in the lining for her drivers license?

On the inside of a purse, there's fabric that covers the inside. It's not really somewhere you'd check for lost items, because the only way things could get inside, or you could check for things inside, is if it has a hole in it. I once lost my house key in my purse lining for a week. Not because I wasn't looking for it, but because I didn't notice the hole in the lining.

... Oh wow I'm stupid. I know what the lining is. It's in between the outside cloth of the purse and the inside. There was a rip in the purse, and the drivers license fell into that rip. I was too quick to judge and I spaced out. I hope things turned out okay for you. EDIT: I posted this before I saw 36's comment. Thanks as well 36. :)

64 - that's too cliche. It has to be like this: we won't track you down and call in an airstrike on your family because we understand that you malfunction once every few million years, like all us perfect supercomputers. See the "pizzazz" in that?

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Ya, honestly, WHO CARES. Wow, 2 whole hours. You should be happy you found it. On my sixteenth birthday, i was going to get my permit but my mom lost my social security card so we went to offices 30 mins away, waited 3 hours for them to tell us that they wi send it in a month. Like **** you for feeling so bad about youreself for something so stupid

You were doing so well 66, but then you ruined it :/

tennisrapper1, you are a ****. enough said.

This makes me appreciate that I rummage through my purse whenever I get a chance, because I want to make sure my wallet, keys etc. are still in it. It probably means this won't happen to me. Instead I'd find it behind the couch, after I had gotten it replaced...

Purses always seem to be a mess. I'm glad I'm a boy. Haha.

they are! I usually only take my purse when I'm not wearing anything with pockets. Much more convenient to wear a jacket than an annoying strap that you have to pull up every minute + faster to stick your hands in your pockets to check if everything is still where it should be ^^

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My purse doubles as a diaper bag half the time so I lose stuff in there all the time.

When my mom had a diaper beg for me she had a separate bag for the diapers wipes and all that stuff. My mom carried everything though including a spare change of clothes. But carrying 2 bags would probably sucks.

Matter of opinion, #59. I hate having to transfer things from one pocket to another (like my husband does with his wallet from one day to the next) and I really hate bulging pockets. I love carrying a purse or backpack and I never have strap issues. That said, I do tend to throw all kinds of things in there. It can get cluttered but when I clean it out every week, it's like finding little gifts for myself.

This isn't a **** my life, this is a YAY I don't have to pay any replacement fees or w/e

"finally" doesn't that mean after a while? wouldn't you have checked your purse,wallet,etc?

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Maybe so, but maybe OP isn't that observant or it got lost in the purse lining, that of which other people have commented on

i wouldn't have known it got caught in her purse lining because i commented before the others

Even though I'm not suppose to, I have an extra copy of my driver's license. I keep it in my car's glove box incase I forget my purse at home. It's come in handy.

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Me, too! Except I call mine a manly, virile, European carry-all. I'm ****** if I leave that at home!

I would have emptied out my purse completely and turned it inside out before going to the DMV...ydi

Nothing is more "strange" looking than a driver's license.

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Nothing is more strange looking than your profile picture.

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At first i was thinking oh my god it's a.. oh wait it's just an armpit... i think?

Just so you know, there will be a bunch of dudes jacking off to your armpit picture. It would have been even hotter if you had added some deodorant residue. :P

Survey says your photo was the number one answer.

I honestly thought that was a ******.

Do you have a problem? Who the heck puts up a picture of an armpit? Or is it an armpit....

I firmly believe that the DMV is Satan's waiting room. If you're there long enough, start preparing for eternal damnation, fire and brimstone, gnashing of teeth, etc.

Or eternal waiting, in which the pain is as excruciating to the mind as your examples are to the physical body.

Peter griffin made a believable reenactment of how the DMV was formed. In short, it was "to get back at the white man."