By Good_old_Grim - Latvia

Domestic bliss

Today, I stumbled upon my girlfriend's Twitter account that I didn't know existed. A recent entry states that living with me is pathetic; "it's just that the current economical situation doesn't leave her with many options." FML
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  Veritas143  |  0

Yep people are f'd up and selfish...tell her she has 3 days to leave..that way you still seem slightly reasonable but you still get to kick her ass out!

By  jts2  |  3

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  audiogasmic  |  0

How could you possibly justify this!? She doesn't care about him, she's using him for a place to live! You shouldn't lead someone on like that.

OP: Dump her stupid ass, make her figure out another option.

  I_Wanna_Lol  |  0

I think that, to an extent, that's true. But to a) phrase it like *that* b) not feel honest enough to say that she feels that way to him and c) Humiliate someone like that on Twitter? To me that shows total disrespect and an inability to have a relationship with that person ...

  MagicMeds  |  0

Just because maybe she wasn't ready to move in completely of her of volition but circumstances more or less persuaded her to doesn't mean they shouldn't be together...

The FML is that he thought they were extremely close when they weren't as close as that... Not much of an FML put like that though..

  Creston  |  0

Justify? Here's a possible justification: Perhaps she meant that it doesn't leave her with many options for a better life (i.e Living with him is pathetic because of their financial situation, rather than being forced to live with him because of her own financial situation.)

...Huh, maybe that's not a "justification", per se. Oh well.

By  Queuebert  |  0

The guy on the news said the recession is over. You should share that news with her. Preferably after you get on her twitter account and tweet "HAHA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS," throw her stuff out and change the locks.

By  jts2  |  3

I won't argue further, not in the mood too at all.

But, I will say that's an idea, Perdix. OP, make her pay rent if you're really mad at her.

By  Tequilamockngbrd  |  7

Funny how she's calling you pathetic when she's the one who apparently can't get her own damn place.

Maybe she'll stumble upon this and realize how bitchy she sounds. :D We might even see her FML soon!

By  perstephane  |  4

Seriously - if it's your place, kick her out and let some other sucker take care of her "economical situation." And #3, I can see what you mean - just because a couple isn't ready to live together doesn't mean they aren't a good couple, just not ready for that step. But the fact that she called it "pathetic", talked about it behind his back, and didn't even try to discuss it with him means they aren't a good couple. She clearly doesn't respect him or his feelings.