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Today, my teacher turned around from the blackboard and screamed, "Stop chewing your gum like a cow!" That wasn't so bad.--The bad part was when she realized it was me, she apologized saying, " I am sorry. You are not really a cow. I don't want to traumatize you; you're just overweight." FML
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YDI for chewing your gum like a cow. That's really annoying to everyone else who's too polite to say anything.


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I hare it when overweight people posting how it's a FML. You can change it. But there you are sitting your fat ass down in front of computers and T.V right after school.

godofcyanide 8

I hate it when retards post on FML just to put others down, when they could, you know, just STFU and grow up. And if you're too retarded for that to be clear, Arian, it's about you.

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2- hate* an* they're* Learn to spell.

when was there ever a need to put "an" in his sentence? nice job cupcake :)

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Now would be the time to start planning revenge.....

Okay, my first thought was "OP just needs to sit on her." I am a horrible person... OP, lose some weight if you don't like how you look now.

No, now would be the time to plan a diet and exercise program. Not the teachers fault OP is a fat cow

This isn't one of those "Oh today I hate 5 tubs of butter then got so tired I couldn't walk to the sofa" FMLs. She isn't complaining that she is fat, she is complaining that she was insulted by her teacher. Just because someone doesn't diet doesn't mean they deserve to get insulted. People say "Oh, it's just a fact" and it is if you are told it by your doctor for example, but otherwise people don't want their flaws bought up. If someone told another person they have a huge nose, wouldn't you think it was insulting, even if it were true?

People can't help having a huge nose. People can DEFINITELY help being fat.

Okay, so someone has a horrible haircut. Is it your place to tell them how awful it is? Since they can help it?

Perhaps the hairdresser was terrible? All I'm saying is fat people are fat because they choose to be. And that's really all there is to it.

People make decisions that lead to them being fat, but it's not as simple as 'Oh, I'd really like to be fat'. Either way that isn't my point. Whether being fat is a choice or not it isn't someone elses place to tell them (unless they are saying it out of concern). Just because someone doesn't have a healthy life style does not give someone else the right to be rude to them. I see a lot of FMLs like "Today, I was so hungry I ate 5 kilos of icecream. FML." or "Today, my mother bought me a gym membership because she is 'worried about my health'. FML." If this was one of those ones I'd be right there with you. This isn't that though. Complaining because you're fat and not doing anything about it is one thing, being offended because someone insults you is another.

no everyone chooses to be fat... there are different factors such as your metabolism and your genes. plus there are different diseases that cause obesity. and how do you know op isn't on a diet? diets don't work in a matter of days

Hm... Was the teacher that mean? I thought it was quite considerate of the teacher to apologise afterwards, and say "You are not a cow." Plus, the teacher wasn't implying OP was fat like a cow, just that OP was chewing like a cow. Which OP deserves, because isn't chewing gum not allowed? Or maybe that was just my school...

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98-actually my school allows gum, just depends on the teacher, but luckily everyone of my teachers allow it:) lol

That's not the point, you don't say stuff like that to someone.

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It's a sign, loose some weight. I had a weight problem a while back and changed it. Put down the burgers and pick up a headband and start walking.

Well, that sucks, but maybe you should start trying to loose some weight.

Most of the excess weight I see people carry is pretty loose. It jiggles about when they walk and slides down when they sit. Anytime I see a person with loose weight, I always think they should lose some of it.

Hey #7, your comment doesn't make any sense. I'll let you figure it out for yourself, but I really hate when people misspell this word. It happens way too often.

No, all the words are spelled correctly. The problem lies in the usage of a particular word.

wow I'm just gonna go ahead and say one word... BLONDES.

catstuff 0

Your comment makes no sense dumbass. I don't know what it means to "loose" some weight, but maybe they could LOSE some weight.

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just cause they spelled one ******* thing wrong your gonna get on to them? do us all a ******* favor quit trolling

Watch your ******* language. It's not a case that Mad here wants to troll. It's a case of the person he was replying to being too stupid to realize the difference between 'lose' and 'loose'. This is something that was taught way back in grade school, and it's amazing how many people still can't grasp this concept. If Mad (or anyone else for that matter) wants to correct something and make the other look stupid (not that they don't already look stupid), that's their prerogative and you have no say in it. Stop wasting your breath; people aren't going to stop just because you tell them to. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Steff open your mouth and swallow a spoon full of your own medicine, kthanks

Excuse me, but the first line was sarcastic and further pointed out the error of their ways. It was MEANT to make me look hypocritical in order to show them my point... If you don't understand what I'm talking about, kindly PM me rather than making a rude comment on here. Better yet, wait until some other unfortunate soul comes to ask what I mean and I'll answer them, provided it's not a nasty remark.

Is there really any need to call people dumbass for a simple mistake?

0opsie 6

YDI for chewing your gum like a cow. That's really annoying to everyone else who's too polite to say anything.

Exactly. Gum is meant to be chewed discreetly... if it's disgusting to see balls of meat rolling around in your mouth at dinner time, it's disgusting to see a piece of gum, too. Not to mention the sounds made... *shudder* Pet peeve.

Agree. YDI for chewing and being heavy.

if you smack like a dog, get treated like a dog.

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lmao that can still be traumatizing!