By Rachel / Thursday 1 March 2012 21:43 / United States
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  doctorwhogirl  |  0

I'm sure you would make a very pretty girl of you wanted. at least you know if you ever get into some trouble with the government it won't be that hard to change you gender. just add some padding on your chest and you're good to go my friend.

  NuTrees  |  9

The director was still confused. Insinuating that she was a girl was still hard to understand. She must of looked like an obvious man.

Or was just being rude.

  taco_bender  |  12

Maybe if she shaved the facial hair and fixed her face. And wore a plastic bag over her head. That should fix her problem. She wouldnt have to worry bout looking like a guy anymore.

  DocBastard  |  38

I lost 74 brain cells from reading all this idiocy. I'm not sure what part CUNT of my brain FUCK those neurons controlled, but SHIT I'm sure I'll ASSHOLE figure it out someday.


No, he's probably saying that she should sneak her way into a male choir if possible because male choirs are better. As a girl in choir I agree, if the choir directors at my school thought I was a guy, I would definitely make the most of it by sneaking into men's choir. He's not telling her to give up her choir dreams.

By  harrypotter955  |  19

You should start wearing dresses to school so people don't get confused.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

6- People getting confused is their problem, OP doesn't Need To start wearing anything to change that as long as she's comfortable with that.
106- Agreed.
177- Sure thing, cream and sugar?


Lemme get this straight, op should change who she is for other people? That's not right at all, she is who she is and if people can't tell the difference well then that's their problem. Op be true to ur self and if u want to change make sure it because it's what u want and not because of anyone else:-) !

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Ha! Since the choir was PROBABLY for a catholic church, he was probably aiming to score, until you confirmed your gender that is. Now he'll have to watch little league tonight instead! NOW THUMB ME DOWN TO HELL!

  maronofhearts  |  19

Not really when a new student comes to class whats the first thing teachers do?
That's right ask you to tell about yourself it's actually not weird at all and should be expected that upon first meeting you he would ask something about you.

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

Except asking about her girlfriend/relationship status is quite personal. An appropriate question would be like "So why'd you want to join the choir?" or "What kind of work do you do?"

"Is so-and-so your girlfriend" makes me suspicious that he's into said supposed girlfriend.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

If they are goth or have short hair... You are a judgmental idiot.
I've seen plenty of girls who wear the goth fashion and still look like girls, so I don't see why it would matter if they dress that way.


Yep. Agreed. I've had short hair my entire life. And I've been mistaken for a boy several times, but I've become indifferent because I love my short hair. As you can see by my profile picture, I'm clearly a girl. Did that stop people from mistaking me for a boy? No. And did THAT make me grow my hair out? Nope.

  pinkcrayola  |  0

I don't consider myself goth but some people misinterpret my fashion style as such. I wear skirts nearly every day though and am clearly a girl...I don't see why being goth had to do with it. 0.0

  MikeDa1Da  |  14

Statistically speaking, most men like women with long hair. When I see girls with short hair, I assume that they're lesbian (unless of course they have cancer). Let's look at 29 for example. She doesn't look bad, but I personally think that she would look better with long hair. And goth people are just goth for attention. Look that statistic up too.


50- Thanks. Yes actually I could see that. I always say to my boyfriend "I'm considering growing my hair out", and though he smiles and says, "You're beautiful just the way you are", I can tell by the look in his eye, that he's thinking "FUCK YES."

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Ha! I figured that since it was probably a choir for a Catholic Church, the was hoping to score, until you confirmed your gender that is! NOW THUMB ME TO HELL!

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