By WTFruits - Canada - Kitchener
Today, my math teacher raged at a student for eating an apple in class. As he yelled at the student, he slapped the apple out of his hand and right into my face. Everyone laughed, including the teacher. FML
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  Attica  |  20

It might, if someone actually complained, except students usually don't. Here, depending on the school (and the size of the school, with smaller ones having more tightly knit teachers), the teachers tend to cover each other's asses when they make bad judgement calls and try to make light of whatever happened as if a student is exaggerating.

When I was in elementary school, there was a teacher from England, with obvious anger issues. He had pretty much no patience, and he yelled at least as much as he spoke normally (half the school could hear him yelling on a daily basis and the office was almost right beside his class, but the principal and other teachers allowed it to continue). I don't know why someone that testy would ever teach nine and ten year olds, but anyway... once one of the usual trouble-makers pissed him off in class and said teacher violently threw the student's desk over out of nowhere, where it nearly smacked into the kid, crashed to the floor and complete silence fell over the class after that. Stuff like this happened all the time in his class. You could tell he'd have preferred to hit him, if he could get away with it. I've had some pretty crappy teachers here (worse than Table Tosser, who should have been fired for sure. Point being, other teachers always covered for them and hid whatever happened from parents, treating students as if they were exaggerating or even outright lying. Sorry for the giant paragraphs.

  Attica  |  20

The first time I saw milk in bags, I was pretty puzzled... but more puzzling still, is why you can buy bags and cartons of "Homo Milk", as if writing "homogenized milk" takes too much work...

  Carmstro  |  13

Dismissed for what? I doubt the teacher's intentions were to hit the student. That sounds like an overreaction to me. And the kid took it too hard, it's not insulting that what happened happened. Even if the kid broke something it'd be a funny story to tell.

  BlackRogue  |  8

Bagged milk is mostly in the eastern provinces. In Alberta we have it in cardboard cartons and plastic jugs. Apparently the bagged milk stays fresher longer and tastes way better.

  Codezlol  |  21

The math teacher was just trying to prove that an apple hit vectorally at a bearing of 21 degrees to (op's face) with an acceleration of 12 cm/s that the apple will... Hit op and induce laughter.

  MeowZebraMeow  |  7

I'm Canadian and I once had a teacher who hurled a stapler across the room, just missing the student who had pissed him off, and he wasn't fired. Then again, I did grow up in a pretty shady neighborhood so there probably weren't too many teachers willing to take his place.

  license2chill  |  5

In Canada, teachers could get into trouble as simple as screaming at students, Let alone anything physical.

As for bagged milk, I've only seen it in Eastern Canada, never seen any in Alberta

  TwinChapter  |  15

I would not recommend the bagged milk - once the bag is opened the milk is exposed to the air as there the bags aren't resealable. The milk starts to taste weird after a while especially if there's uncovered food in the fridge. I live in Nova Scotia and not all milk comes in bags, there's also jugs and cartoons of milk available.

  Fuaaad1994  |  31

That story reminds me of the my first day of geography class at high school. The teacher was giving us a lecture on how to behave properly for 45 minutes so I raised my hand and asked him "When are we going to start learning?" He then proceeded to pick my pencil case up and threw it across the room almost hitting someone in the face

By  Eorlas  |  31

You know, this doesn't surprise me. I recently started a job as a temp and a lot of it involved interacting with teachers.

You'd think those people would be model individuals, but sadly a lot of them are unintelligent assholes. Please report your teacher.

No offense meant against the good teachers out there. Keep on being awesome.